11+ Best Adult Web Series on Ullu (In Hindi)

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Today in India, the number of visitors on the OTT Platform has increased a bit. These platforms are being liked more by the people because its contents have variety, boldness, romance, adult, and entertainment. People want to watch Indian adult web series in Hindi.

Adult and erotic web series are viral in India. And Ullu is one of the best platforms to watch Indian adult web series in Hindi.

Ullu originals series length is short, and you can enjoy this at a little cost.

I find out the best adult web series in Hindi, which is available on the Ullu original, and make a list of it.

So, Today we will talk about the top 11 adult web series on Ullu, which you must see if you are above 18.

Here, check the top 11 Indian adult web series on Ullu.

1. Mona Home Delivery

Mona Home Delivery poster - best adult web series

The story of this Mona Hmone Delivery is about Mona (Kangna Sharma), who is very poor and works as a call girl to earn money. But her lack of funds is not fulfilled by this work. Mona puts her hot video on the internet, and a lot of calls start coming for her.

In the series, each episode has some lessons to learn for her. But this series makes you feel and believe that the field of prostitution is not at all evil world.

Kangna Sharma, Raju Kher, Vijay Raaz, Rajpal Yadav, Mukesh Tiwari, and Ganesh Acharaya are the cast of Mona Home Delivery. This Ullu web series directed by Sanjiv R. Chadha. Mona Home Delivery is the best adult web series on our list.

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2. #Metoo: Wolf of Bollywood

#Metoo: Wolf of Bollywood poster - Indian adult web series

Metoo wolf of Bollywood is erotic, suspense, and thriller web series. As per official synopsis, “In early 2018, Karan Mathur is a successful, young, upwardly mobile investment banker; well settled in Mumbai, planning his wedding with his office sweetheart Avantika Sharma. Things take a toll when his friend Sana tries to suicide at his wedding, unable to bear the loss of her love? Or is it something else to it? Karan tries to figure out the real culprit behind the crime.”

Vivan Bhatena, Amit Behl, Sikandar Kharbanda, Ridheema Tiwari, and Ana Ilmi included in the cast of #metoo wolf of Bollywood and Deepak Pandey directs this 2nd best adult web series in our list.

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3. Guardian

Guardian poster - adult web series in india

Guardian web series is one of the best suspense, erotic, and adult Indian web series which is available on Ullu originals. The official synopsis reads, “Juliana, the lady guardian of Mr. Anant’s brat son Aditya starts blackmailing the father and son duo for false sexual harassment.”

The cast of Guardian includes Ruma Sharma, Anurag Verma, Hitesh Sejwal, Hitesh Rawal. Bhavin Wadiya has directed this 3rd best adult web series on our list.

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4. The Choice

The Choice poster - adult web series in hindi

The official synopsis of The Choice web series, “Story of a love triangle between the gorgeous Anamika, her average-looking husband Sudhir and her handsome boss Dushyant.” The Choice is drama, erotic, and adult Indian web series, which is available to watch on Ullu.

Ullu adult web series The Choice cast includes Kajal Shankhwar, Savant Singh Premi, and Bhavin Wadia.

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5. 3G Gaali Galoch Girls

3G Gaali Galoch Girls - Hindi adult web series

Newly released Ullu original series 3G Gaali Galoch Girls is a comedy, Drama, and erotic web series. As per official synopsis, “Three girls: Bold Aaliya, Sexy Simran and Pretty Madhu are roommates as well as best friends. Watch their naughty journey with their lusty partners and the way they deal with them.”

Kavya Kiran, Akshita Sethi, Pari Choudhary, Paras Saluja, Vishal Dubey, Eshu Gambhir, Samar Katyaan, Paulami Mazumder, Uttam Kumar Pandey, Pritam Jaiswal, Sachin Kumar, Sajan Agarwal, and Zakir Hussain are the cast of 3G Gaali Galoch Girls. Sajan Agarwal has directed this 5th best adult web series.

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6. Fareb

Fareb poster - Ullu adult web series

As per Fareb web series official synopsis, “Married & out-of-league Saniya’s affair with a pizza boy is interrupted when her sister-in-law visits her for a few days. She plots a plan to keep the fun going on, but things go out of hand.” Naghma Akhtar and Mohit played the leading roles in this series. Raju Desai has directed this 6th best adult web series on our list.

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7. Black Coffee

Black Coffee poster - adult web series in ullu

As per official synopsis of Ullu Black Coffee series, “A young intern serves black coffee to his Boss Riya and falls in love at first sight, she is also intrigued by Arjun & her kinky imagination. Watch to know what all can happen over a black cup of coffee!” Kajal Shankawar, Sparsh Shrivastav, Akshaya Shetty, and Diksha are the cast in this top adult series. Deepak Pandey is the director of this Ullu original 7th best adult web series.

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8. Wanna have a Good Time

Wanna have a Good Time poster

The official synopsis of Wanna Have a Good Time, “Shilpa plans to go to her maternal home. In her absence, her husband calls for a prostitute. When he looks at her face, she just looks like his own wife. Is it a mere coincidence or something else?” Flora Saini, Manish Raisinghan, and Dhiraj Rai are the cast of Wann have a good time. Deepak Pandey has directed this series.

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9. Anniversary Surprise

Anniversary Surprise poster

As per official synopsis of Anniversary Surprise, “There’s a murder on a resort; who is murdered? Is it Priyanka, Raj Malik’s wife, or is it Mahi, Raj’s secretary cum lover, or is it Raj himself?” Yash Pandit, Shikha Chhabra, Tarun Khem, and Swagata are the entire cast in this Indian series. Bhavin Wadia has directed anniversary Surprise.

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10. Gandu

Gandu adult tv series poster

As per Ullu’s original Gandu web series official synopsis, “It’s a fight for justice and truth when Vicky, a struggling actor, is raped by Sheetal Malhotra, a known fashion designer and Vicky’s friends Sohail & Soniya step in as saviors.” Gandu is the suspense, thriller, bold, and adult web series in the Hindi language.

In the series, Vikram Bham, Paras Madaan, Ruma Sharma, Mohit Nain, and Khushi Mukherjee are the entire cast. Shhagiir Khan has directed this Ullu series.

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11. Dance Bar

Dance Bar

Dance Bar web series wrote, “Dhanraj Shikhavat, a Business tycoon falls in love with Ayesha, a bar dancer. She asks for three things to fulfill his desire to get laid with her. His desires come true, but in the morning man find himself in a strange situation. There happens the unexpected.” & Dance Bar is the last best adult series, as per my view.

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12. Charmsukh web series

best adult web series-charmsukh web series

Charmsukh web series is one of the most famous and long-running web series on Ullu. These series have 24 numbers of episodes to watch and I’m telling you Charmsukh is the most erotic and romantic web series ever. You can watch all these episodes on Ullu App without any cost.

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13. Julie

best adult webs eries- julie web series

An honest girl named Julie works as a nurse in the hospital. In the hospital, a boy is obsessed with Julie and follows her like a crazy lover. After that what happend with Julie? You can watch this in Julie web series. This web series released on 11 October 2019. In the series, a total of 4 episodes to watch.

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14. Subhratri

best adult web series- shubhratri web series

Shubhratri web series released on 27 September 2019. This is the adult, erotic and horror web series on Ullu. As per official synopsis, “A small-town story, where a newly married couple is madly in love. The wife tries a few rituals to add the extra sweetness of romance in her life, but these rituals altered. What is the reason behind the rituals? Watch the suspense behind the ratri, “Shubhratri”.”

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So, Here is my list of best adult web series on Ullu. I hope you like this list.

If you have also seen another Indian adult web series in Hindi and you feel that this series is the best, then tell us in the comment section.

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