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1962 The War In The Hills
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Starcast and language make the series a bit weak. If you like war drama 1962- The War in the Hills will not disappoint you.

1962 The War In The Hills is the latest DisneyPlusHotstar web series that set to premiere on 26 February 2020. The series has total 10 numbers of episodes to watch.

The series features Abhay Deol, Mahi Gill, Anoop Soni, Akash Thosar, Rohan Gandotra, Sumit Vyas, Meyang Chang, Hemal Ingale, etc.

Here, watch the official trailer of 1962 The War In The Hills web series:-

Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, the 1962 War In The Hills web series is one such story inspired by the 1962 war between India and China, which highlighted the emotional battles that the jawans face in their personal lives.

It’s the story of 125 brave Indian soldiers who faced 3 thousand Chinese in battle. The story of the soldiers who fought the Chinese army to the last breath even with little resources and weapons, but did not let the country come down.

A war that changed a lot between the two countries. It is one of the largest combat in the history of the army.

Written in 10 episodes written by Charudatta Aacharya, this series runs along with the war, adding to the life, family, and wishes of the soldiers.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that, going to the end, this series moistens the eyes.


The strongest side of this series is the script. In this series based on the true incident, on one hand, the glimpse of the private life of the soldiers is shown.

The human side is shown. At the same time, India-China has shown fierce war on the other side. Director Mahesh Manjrekar and writer Charudatta Aacharya have been successful in maintaining interest by connecting the episode.

The screenplay of Charudatta Acharya is mainly divided into India-China skirmishes, political compulsions, and the personal life of the soldiers.

The narration uses the narration of Major Suraj Singh’s wife Shagun Singh (Mahi Gill), who tells her Millennial grandchildren and grandchildren about the story of the war and the turmoil in the personal life of C-Company jawans Is telling about.

The early episodes of 1962 The War In The Hills have a slow edge and pace, but the last four episodes pick up the rhythm and the series starts engaging.

Had the series been made in fewer episodes, the result would have been more impressive, as the personal life events of the jawans are very filmy and taut. They slow down the pace of 1962 The War In The Hills series.


1962 The War In The Hills is a multi Starr web series. Its screenplay is written in such a way that no one character appears in the center.

Abhay Deol in the role of Major Suraj Singh wins hearts in emotional and serious scenes. But are not able to show strength in uniform, especially during dialogue.

Mahi Gill plays his wife. She is a very talented actress, but her part in this war-based series is not much. Abhay and Mahi Gill were seen sharing the screen after 12 years. Earlier both of them were seen together in the film ‘Dev D’.

Miyang Chang, who became the Major of the Chinese Army, has been effective in some scenes.

At the same time, artists like Akash Thosar, Sumit Vyas, Rohan Gandotra, who are in the C-Company battalion, have given full support in strengthening the story.

The director has also given full opportunity to these actors, has given many important dialogues, which they have been successful in bringing out effectively.

The love story of Akash Thosar and Hemal Ingle looks in rhythm from beginning to end.


Mahesh Manjrekar has tried to make this series like a film. There is no twist, no suspense at the end of every episode here. But there is a rhythm, which holds you to the end.

The director threads romance and drama in the story with patriotism. At the same time, being a series, the director had a good time giving time to each character.

And this is what makes it different from Bollywood war films. However, the story of this series seems to be slow in some places.

Should you watch it or not?

Starcast and language make the series a bit weak. If you like war drama 1962- The War in the Hills will not disappoint you.

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