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7th Day  Hindi Dubbed

7th Day  Hindi Dubbed  is a 2014 Indian Malayalam neo-noir thriller Investigation language film written by Akhil Paul and directed by Syamdhar. Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran as IPS officer 42-year-old named David Abraham, which is on the trail of unusual cases. The film also stars Tovino Thomas, Anu Mohan, Vinay Forrt, Yog Japee, Janani Iyer and Praveen Prem.The film is a super hit at the box office.


The story begins with a monologue by David Abraham, IPS (Prithviraj) on Christmas Eve. When he left the party, he gets involved in an accident with Shan (Vinay Forrt) and Vinu (Anu Mohan). David took them to the hospital to treat this Vinu injury he sustained while falling off a bike. Vinu escaped from the hospital, to the horror Shan. David began to suspect that something is wrong. But Shan said no problem and David drops him in his place. Then he saw that Vinu has dropped his wallet in his jeep.

Shan told the story of his friends – Aby (Tovino Thomas), aka Jessica Jessy (Janani Iyer), Cycle (Praveen Prem) and Vinu. Vinu run an internet cafe. Cycle is the son of the ridges in the back with a lot of financial problems. Shan is the local correspondent for a newspaper. Aby and Jessica grew up together in an orphanage, and Vinu has a special interest for Jessica and Jessica him. One day, this Vinu internet cafe raided by police looking for a few things. Because they could not find anything, police returned without saying anything to Vinu. That evening, Vinu home was invaded by an evil man named Charlie (Yog Japee), commissioned by Christopher Moriarty, terrifying criminal mastermind with a near mythical reputation, to search for the missing amount of Rs. 1.75 crores. They suspect that Vinu take money from them and give it 36 ​​hours to hand over the money to him.

Then David received a call from a local travel agent that someone had given him a false note thousand rupees to book a bus ticket to Bangalore. David catches him on the bus and it turns out it is a cycle that is trying to get out of town. Using Cycle, David put his other friends – Vinu and Jessica. Aby is not visible. David asks Vinu to tell the story of the night suicide. Though at first he told them a lie, under pressure Vinu tell David that Aby has planned everything and stole cash so he could kill Vinu because his secret love for Jessica, but Jessica and cycle hearing all this. Jessica said she could not forgive him for trying to kill Vinu. Aby guilt by telling them that the money was in the vehicle and suicide by jumping from the waterfalls. Aby accidental blood type is the same as Vinu and they both have the same tattoo, so they decided to use suicide Aby to Vinu’s fake death.

After their confessions David revealed that Aby is a carrier for Christopher and money in the bag is a fake one class cash. David gives them the option to leave money on the table so that he can report it as an abandoned bag of counterfeit money and that no one will ever bother them about it or capture them and bring them to trial for murder. They chose the first option and hand over the money to David and left. When they left, however, Shan stopped the car and question the true identity of David Abraham, and simple choice given to them. They have a light bulb realization that David Abraham IPS does not exist and that the real David Christopher Moriarty.


Prithviraj Sukumaran as David Abraham IPS / Christopher Moriarty
Tovino Thomas as Aby Ebineser
Vinay Forrt as Shan Shahar
Janani Iyer as Jessie
Anu Mohan as Vinu Ramachandran
Praveen Prem as Cyril Samuel aka Cycle
Joy Mathew as P.T.R. Bhattathiri
Yog Japee as Charlie
Lakshmipriya as a Lab Technician
Vinu Mohan Shobha’s mother
Sreedevi Unni as Sr. Veronica
Sunil Sukhada as Security Simon

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IMDB Ratings: 6.9/10
Directed: Syamdhar
Released Date: 11 April 2014 (India)
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Languages: Hindi
Film Stars: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Anu Mohan, Tovino Thomas

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