Download Blumentals Screensaver Factory v7.9.0.77

Download Blumentals Screensaver Factory v7.9.0.77
Download Blumentals Screensaver Factory v7.9.0.77 - software for creating professional screensavers

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ScreenSaver is a program that runs automatically when the computer system is not in use. For example, you set your system’s ScreenSaver in such a way that after 10 minutes none of the keys on the keyboard have been used and your mouse has not moved, the screen saver will run. Screensavers are images that users themselves can create. For example, you can use the default screen savers of the operating system Windows use or install a screen saver according to your taste on the system or with the help of softwareCreators of this program, proceed to make these images.
software Screensaver Factory A powerful tool for construction ScreensaverThere are various and professional ones that enable you to create your desired screen saver in less than a few minutes.

until now softwareMany to build Screensaver have been released to the market, each of which has its own characteristics, but this program has a high rank and degree among other software and is one of the most professional screen saver software in the world. In making the desired project, you can use images, videos, clips, sounds, flash animations, etc. to make the screensaver as professional and beautiful as possible. Also, you can use the tools in the program to give different effects to your desired project or use 100 images with default effects. After completing and creating the screen saver, you can use other features of this program and create an installation file for your project and burn it directly to CD/DVD by the program. Putting a desired music on these images is one of the other features of this software. This software is a product of Blumentals Software.

Screensaver Factory key features:
– Creating a screen saver from image, video and flash file
– Add background music and create background music playlist
– Ability to add more than 100 transition effects
– The possibility of creating files with the smallest possible size
– Quality, compatibility and performance on all computers
– Support MP3, WAV, WMA and MID audio formats for background music
– Support all famous and popular formats of images, videos, sounds and…
– Has one hundred default models for the convenience of users
– Ability to add people For screensaver images
– Creating an automatic screen saver from the command line
– Ability to make ScreenSaver for sale
– The ability to place a digital signature
– Ability to create an independent SCR file
– Open the web address when the screen saver is removed
– Ability to display banner
– The ability to automatically install a screen saver on the computer
– The ability to make a small audio clip for each image
– Has advanced settings to change project features
– Has an internal compressor to reduce the size of the project
– Full compatibility with Windows Vista
– Support for several different languages
– And …

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Installation guide Screensaver Factory software

1- Install the software and during the installation process, select the most complete version of the software, i.e. Enterprise.
2- Disconnect from the Internet.
3- Run the Keygen.exe file from the Keygen folder and select the software name and version (Enterprise) from the available drop-down menu and click the Generate button and then Activate to activate the software automatically.
4- Run the software and if it was not activated automatically, activate it using the serial received from Keygen.
5- Disable the software’s access to the Internet through the Windows firewall. (link Teaching how to prevent a software from connecting to the Internet)

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