Download Linux Debian

Download Linux Debian

| Debian Linux operating system


Linux Debian 12.1 Bookworm / 11.7.0 Bullseye / 10.13.0 Buster / 9.13.0 Stretch / 8.11.0 Jessie is the latest version of the popular Debian Linux distribution, which you can now download in different versions according to your processor architecture. Debian is a popular and popular distribution of the Linux operating system, which can be considered one of the oldest and most common Linux distributions for use on personal computers and servers. Debian, more than any other distribution, is considered as a base version for the development of a new distribution of Linux. Debian is a popular version of the free Linux operating system for your computer. If you, for any reason, have decided to leave the Windows operating system and replace it with a free distribution and step into the world of free software, it might not be bad to consider Debian Linux as one of the oldest distributions.

Debian’s open and free operating system, with more than 50 thousand software products in its repositories, provides you with a professional tool for almost any kind of need in the environment of this operating system. The new releases of the Debian operating system, in most cases, include three-year support, and now the latest version is available to you dear ones. Although more than two decades have passed since the first introduction of Debian, this Linux distribution is still known as one of the most popular open source operating systems around the world and millions of users and developers are official members of its community. Now you can download the latest version of Debian Linux distribution for free

Features of Linux Debian operating system:

– Access to tens of thousands of free software packages from Debian repositories

– The possibility of using the unlimited and free features of the free software world

– Suitable for developing a new distribution based on Debian Linux

Having Linux kernel 4.9

– Changing the database to MariaDB

– Having the popular Firefox and Thunderbird browsers


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