Download XnView v2.51.5 Classic + XnView MP v1.6.3 x64/1.5.5 x86

Download XnView v2.51.5 Classic + XnView MP v1.6.3 x64/1.5.5 x86
Download XnView v2.51.5 Classic + XnView MP v1.6.3 x64/1.5.5 x86 - more than 500 viewing and conversion software

Download XnView software

Most of the computer users sometimes need to make changes to the images in their personal galleries and mostly looking for software Those with a very simple user interface to apply their desired changes to the images as quickly as possible and without the slightest pain.
software XnVIEW Software to view and convert different file formats GraphicsThis software supports more than 400 graphic formats and can easily browse all video and audio files available anywhere on the computer. This software apart from Windows It also has versions for MacOS X, Linux x86, Linux ppc, FreeBSD x86, OpenBSD x86, NetBSD x86, Solaris sparc, Solaris x86, etc. XNVIEW has various features such as changing the size of images, controlling color and light, changing the number of colors in a photo, the ability to use different filters with interesting visual effects, mass conversion of images, taking photos from the working environment of the operating system and so on. .. Is.

Key features software XnView:
– Support for 500 video input formats
– Can be installed on the operating system Windows and Linux
– Ability to get output with more than 50 different formats
– With IPTC editor
– Create and edit image EXIF ​​information
– Changing the size, angle and cropping of images
– Possibility to change the contrast of images
– Creating more than 20 types of visual effects
– Editing some of the colors in the image
– Support for 44 living languages ​​of the world
– Support for all types of printers (Print support – Windows only)
– Drag & Drop support for Windows (Drag & Drop support – Windows only)
– Using several very beautiful filters
– TWAIN & WIA support for Windows
– Creating beautiful effects on images
– Has Filmstrip layout
– And …

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Installation guide XnView software

1- Install the software.
2- Block the software’s access to the Internet through the firewall. (link Teaching how to prevent a software from connecting to the Internet)
3- Run the software as Run as Administrator.
4- Run the Keygen.exe file from within the Keygen folder and after entering the desired name, click on the left button to generate a serial number for you.
5- Register the software with the information generated by Keygen.

Differences between XnView Classic and XnViewMP:
– XnViewMP version (MP stands for Multi-Platform) is an improved version of XnView classic that was presented for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
– The XnViewMP version includes all the standards of the XnView version.
– In the XnViewMP version, the user interface is designed much lighter by shortening the menus.
– XnViewMP version supports the Unicode standard, which enables the display of folders and files with Persian names.

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