How to improve the position of our site by producing textual content?

How to improve the position of our site by producing textual content?
How to improve the position of our site by producing textual content?

SEO experts may disagree on some issues, but they all believe that it is impossible to get a Google ranking without useful and SEO content. In fact, it is the SEO content that acts like a ladder and takes your site step by step to the first position of Google.

But what should we do to SEO the content? Text content generation And content SEO are two separate processes or are they done in parallel and at the same time? Join us in this article to answer these questions.

Are textual content production and content SEO two separate processes?

Before we go to SEO content solutions, we must answer an important question: should we do SEO and textual content production in parallel and in sync with each other or should we do each one separately?

To answer this question, you should keep in mind that SEO and text content production pursue a common goal: serving users and providing useful and valuable content to them, and each of them somehow plays a role in realizing this goal.

In fact, during the content production process, useful and valuable materials are collected and good information is provided to users. With the help of content SEO, this useful and comprehensive information surpasses other content and is exposed to users, or in other words, they go to the first page of Google.

Golden tips for content SEO

So far we know that content production and SEO are not separate processes and are done simultaneously. That is, while creating content, you should keep some points in mind and implement them. In this section, we introduce these points.

Correct use of keywords

Keywords are one of the most important tools a hundred are. In fact, these are the keywords that put your hand in the hand of your target audience. Consider this example to understand how this process works.

You are making a delicious lasagna, but you don’t know how to make bechamel sauce. So you immediately get to work and search for the phrase “how to make bechamel sauce” on Google. Google, which is your helper, lists various cooking sites. But what is the basis for searching these sites? Based on the keywords used in their content!

That is, these sites have used the key phrase “how to prepare bechamel sauce” in their textual content production projects. Google has also evaluated and displayed their content according to your search topic.

So be sure to research your business keywords and use them. Of course, note that excessive use of keywords is not only not productive, but also has the opposite effect and causes Google fines and user confusion.

Optimizing the site structure

The structure of the site is one of the factors influencing the ranking of the site and the SEO of its content. but why?

  • A good structure makes it easier for Google to crawl your site

In order to rank your site, Google’s bots check its different sections or so to speak, crawl it. The more structured and coherent your site is, the easier and faster the crawling process will be.

  • A good structure prevents cannibalization of keywords

In your business content creation project, you will probably publish several articles on similar topics. Now, some of these articles have more priority and importance compared to their counterparts. But how will Google know the difference between them? Through the structure of the site.

In fact, we can through sitemap Determine the priority of the pages. Otherwise, different pages will compete with each other and keyword cannibalism will happen.

To improve the structure of the site, consider the following points:

  • Determine the core content or cornerstone content of your site and invest in it.
  • Link from all sub-contents to the main content.
  • Use tags. These tags improve the structure of your site and make it more organized. Of course, you should not overuse labels.
  • Manage orphan content and link to popular content.
  • Avoid writing content with similar topics. Because this leads to homogenization of keywords.

Creating unique content

Content authenticity is one of the most important criteria for Google and users to evaluate the quality of content. The reason is clear. No user likes to constantly come across duplicate content when browsing different sites. On the other hand, Google is also a defender of user rights and whenever it feels that these rights are being violated, it raises its red card. So don’t forget that producing textual content will be valuable and fruitful only when it is original and unique.

This authenticity is achieved when the author studies and draws inspiration from various authoritative sources. Then put his impression on paper with his own pen and language.

Meanwhile, some authors limit themselves to examining some limited sources and simply paraphrase their contents. If you are thinking of doing something like this, it is better to know that Google has improved and recognizes this type of similarity.

Having said that, if you do not have access to many resources and are inevitably limited to using these resources, you can use Specialized parapheresis Minimize the similarity with other sources and get rid of the Google penalty.

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