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Download iTop Screen Recorder Pro | Screen recording software


iTop Screen Recorder Pro x64 is the name of a new and useful software product with which users can easily record their ongoing activity on the screen. This program is only for when the user wants to make software demos or record the gameplay of his favorite game and share it with his friends. In addition, the above software is also used to make virtual training videos and with the many features it contains, it is considered a comprehensive and professional tool for this work.

As you know, there are many tools available for screen recording. But what is important is that in the meantime, just filming and copying what is going on on the screen, the main goal should be that the user does not need other tools to make the video and edit it after recording the video. This program also allows you to choose different parts of the screen to make a video of your choice and record it in very high quality. You can use this software for work, educational, gaming, personal, etc. needs and enjoy the experience of working with it. Now you can download the latest version of iTop Screen Recorder Pro software from the Yas download website.

Features of iTop Screen Recorder Pro:

– Ability to determine the desired area for video and image recording

– The possibility of recording video simultaneously from the screen and webcam

– Very high quality in screen recording

– Ability to record screenshots during video recording

– The possibility of outputting movies in different formats

– Ability to record system sound and microphone

– Having a beautiful and user-friendly graphic interface

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