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Angrezi Medium  Movie Review: Irrfan Khan is one actor who makes you laugh and cry very easily. With acting, Irfan plays it with an expression that the audience kept staring at him. Irfan Khan has done some acting together in her latest film ‘English Medium (Angrezi Medium)’. Irrfan Khan ‘Hindi Medium’ came in 2017, and a superhit. The film is directed by Saket Chaudhary. But Homi Adjania has directed ‘English Medium (English Medium) in Hindi and his touch is clearly visible, and this is also a bit of a shock when he tried to throw Bollywood stars with Bollywood actor in the film. Can be seen doing. But the actors dominate the stars.

The story of ‘English Medium (Angrezi Medium)’ is about a father-son and daughter who go abroad. Irrfan Khan is candied family and her daughter’s dream of studying abroad. He sees this dream since childhood. While the main concern of Udaipur sweets is to keep the name of her great-grandfather with candied Ghasiteram because everyone in Udaipur want to use this name. Irfan Khan brothers Deepak Dobriyal also want the same name. But in the midst of this, Irfan daughter Radhika Madan dream of going abroad is not met for any reason, then for this, Irfan Khan and Deepak Dobriyal (Deepak Dobriyal) began to coalesce. In this way, a lot of character comes in the film, including Pankaj Tripathi, Kiku Sharda, Kareena Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Ranveer Shorey and Dimple Kapadia. This means lots of laughs taken ‘English Medium (Medium Angrezi Movie Review)’ In the second half, there seems to be a slight drop as Homi Adjania starting to show the stars here. In this way the flow of the story breaks but touch the remains of comedy.

Speaking of acting in ‘English medium‘, Irrfan Khan is unmatched. He has shown that he has no fit between the artists of his time in terms of acting. Irrfan specializes in every task, whether it is laughing with a small blow his own, to tickle with a custom style, or to moisturize the eyes when talking of a father forced dialogue. Deepak Dobriyal has Irrfan Khan plays the character very beautiful sister, and this desi bromance of different levels. Every time they both came on screen together, then they are covered. Radhika Madan also acted well. Pankaj Tripathi seen in the film with a small role, but the style of ‘Tony’ is truly amazing to laugh. Kiku Sharda also acted well.

‘English Medium (Angrezi Medium)’ contains the message of forgetting their loved ones in the whole business of the father-child relationship and the fulfillment of their dreams of children. Film music is fine, Homi Adajania has made good use of stars in the direction, the story is pulled slightly in the second half. But comedy Irrfan and Deepak take this save. ‘English medium’ is another masterpiece of acting Irrfan Khan and Deepak Dobriyal comedy also took it to a different level. That is why the film was made to be seen once.Also read Angrezi Medium full movie leaked online

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