Animal Revolt Battle Simulator v2.8.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator gives players the battle of animals to lead an army and win the enemy. They will find the requirements of the level and try to meet them while destroying the enemy. At the same time, several powerful combinations of powerful animals and modern weapons destroy powerful enemies.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator


In Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, players will participate in battles between different animals from low to high tier. It is where players will show their tactical skills when using animal warriors against other monstrous enemies. At the same time, in some cases, you will spend time thinking because you have to meet the requirements of the game screen and try to win that level.

It is a battle where the player will set up an attack line to destroy the enemy and complete the level. At the same time, the game’s environment will be divided into two, and you can observe the enemies you will face and set up challenging battles. You are also free to choose the warriors you own and send different units into battle. It is a feature that you will not be able to ignore.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator


A notable point when you experience Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is that you must adhere to some factors and try to complete the level. Specifically, you will receive a certain amount of money and many units that you can use in combat. So you will know the price of the units you own and choose a specific number to fight the enemy. Each unit has different attacks that you will need to consider.

Another interesting point that players will need to pay attention to is that some levels also give you some modern weapons. In other words, you can easily equip the units you are controlling with weapons to destroy the enemy faster than expected. It can be powerful guns or explosives that can blow up any enemy. At the same time, over time, your enemies will also begin to change and require you to have stronger tactics.

The number of units you own in each level will change continuously over time, and your enemies will also become strong and qualified to challenge you. They also have mechanical parts that can unleash attacks on those who approach, and sometimes you can even find giant insect monsters. So it can be said that the number of units participating in the battle will also continuously increase that you will try to take advantage of their power.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator


As you experience Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, players will find different gameplay modes that transform the experience. Specifically, the first mode should be mentioned in the campaign with a diverse number of different chapters. Each chapter will mention a specific animal’s fight, and of course, the number of levels you will need to overcome in each chapter will increase over time. So it will undoubtedly be a long journey that you will try to overcome.

Besides the challenging stages of the campaign, you can also find a sandbox mode where there are many things for you to explore. Sandbox mode often brings creativity to players as you can easily add any units they desire. At the same time, players can set up battles between animals and see how they can withstand the enemy. Surely this will be an exciting experience with weird things that can appear.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

Fierce battles between different animals will take place before you:

  • Players will participate in battles against powerful enemies with low to high tier animals with effective formations.
  • With many possible spawns, certain animals can be equipped with modern weapons to blow up enemies.
  • Each level has a regulation on the amount of money and many units that can appear in the field, and it will create challenges for the player.
  • In the campaign mode, with various levels, you will continuously meet allies, enemies powerful in size, and impressive attacks.
  • Sandbox mode offers freedom in exploration as you can add whatever elements you want, especially creating weird things.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod APK is a game revolving around the battle between animals, and the player will be the one to decide the strategy to fight the enemy in a variety of challenging levels.

 App Name Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
 Publisher VDimension
 Genre Simulation
 Size 500M
 Latest Version 2.8.2
 MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Animal Revolt Battle Simulator – v2.8.2 – Mod APK

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