ATV Launcher Pro v0.1.21-pro APK (Patched)

ATV Launcher Pro is an innovative application that offers a fresh interface customised to the user’s preferences. The application provides a wide range of features that are extremely beneficial and practical for a large number of users. While others offer features that aren’t present in some TVs, other parts are quite close to those of smartphones. Thus, using this app will provide you with fresh and satisfying experiences.


You will surely utilise all of the features that ATV Launcher Pro has to offer when using it. You can surely enhance the layout and personalise your interface using the features of a launcher. For Android TVs without a wallpaper adjustment feature, you can also alter it in your own way. As a result, your time will be spent discovering the fascinating features that this application offers.

The creation of unique tiles within this programme should be mentioned as the first factor while using it. Specifically, widgets and applications make up the majority of the Android TV interface. These tiles resemble a big folder with many items organised by a certain attribute. Over time, you won’t just use these tiles in a predetermined way; you’ll also be able to arrange them anyway you like. Anyone can perform the modification process because it is so simple to execute.

You must first pick Launcher settings from the Widget menu under the Widget drop-down menu. There are sections where tiles are generated, wallpaper that changes the appearance of photographs, and many other fascinating things. When you select Sections, two primary items representing two tiles will show up on your home screen. In order to add a new section, simply click Add Menage Section, choose the section you want to add, give it a name, and then finish the process.


The widget is one of the sections of this game. The term “widget” is no longer unfamiliar to users of smartphones, and it undoubtedly also appears on Android TVs as a shortcut to a particular application. Additionally, adding widgets to your TV is really easy. These widgets might display the weather or the programmes you frequently use. Additionally, you can expand their number based on the features of the programmes executing the widget.

Three widgets can often be displayed on your screen, which is an astonishing and ideal quantity for a variety of reasons. The first is that fewer programmes are presented to you, which guarantees a certain quantity of widgets for management and observation. To put it another way, if you wish to raise the number, you can do so up to five, but each widget’s size will likewise get smaller. So test all of your options.


Setting new TV backgrounds is one feature that everyone who uses a launcher will be interested in. Anyone can perform this process because it is simple and is quite comparable to using a smartphone. Additionally, you must get ready premium TV wallpapers at the same moment. To not feel uneasy when watching TV, these wallpapers will primarily need to have a consistent quality.

Static images and active images are the two types of wallpaper-related images that are used. You must pay attention to the unique characteristics that each style of shot will have. It originates specifically from the settings of your gadget. In other words, you ought to use a still image if your TV has some performance concerns. TV viewers will also appreciate the application’s support for a photo set for TVs without this feature, which can be found in the Wallpaper area.


Users will like using ATV Launcher Pro’s features to make it easier to use your own applications. Typically, these applications will be set up in some fashion. Therefore, you can adjust this element by adjusting the organisation of your apps and selecting the appropriate filters. It is easy to find and, of course, you will find the alphabetical arrangement useful. The application’s convenience goes further than that, though, at the same time.

You can also find a tool to quickly create a specific folder under the Application area. There is no need to describe this function in great detail because utilising it is comparable to using a smartphone. You can arrange and move the apps you like into the folder after giving it a name. These folders also have a specific password to protect the programmes you frequently use.

Download the patched ATV Launcher Pro v0.1.21-pro APK.

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