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In life, we will meet many people who advise not to give up in life, but it is useless to speak to others unless you can fight your own circumstances. To improve oneself, to move forward, to get respect in life and to set an example, one has to move forward. Here, she takes a step forward and learns to do something in life through sports, Rajkummar Rao and Nusrat Bharucha starrer Chhalaang.


Movie story

The story begins in Haryana. Mohinder Hooda aka Montu (Rajkumar) is a PTI i.e. PT Teacher of a government school. Montu’s life is very relaxed. He sometimes teaches school children something or else sits in the ground and passes the bus time. Montu does not make anything big of his life, just leave things incomplete because it is easy to do. He gets a job in the same school in which he studied as a child, at the behest of his father.


Montu is befriended by his school teacher Venkat (Saurabh Shukla). Montu’s life was going well, but as soon as Nilimi Madam (Nusrat Bharucha), a computer teacher, enters school, her life changes. Montu tries to impress Nilimi. At the same time, if the love story has started, then the villain’s entry is made. So one day the new PT teacher Mr. Singh (Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub) comes to school.



With the arrival of Mr. Singh, he is on the verge of snatching everything of Montu’s job, chhokri and respect. After which Montu feels that now something has to be done. Montu then decides to fight a sports competition with Mr. Singh, in which the two will train the school children to compete with each other and the one who wins will get everything, that is, even a job and a job.


Rajkumar Rao is one of those Bollywood actors who never disappoint fans with his acting. They are given any role, they make their own lives with it. He has done the same in the leap. As straightforward as Montu’s character is, he is also a funkier and more than that he does not give up when he is on the path of changing his situation. Bharucha has done a good job.


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His role may be small but his work and style are worth watching. On the other hand, if you talk about supporting roles, then Satish Kaushal in the role of Montu’s father, Saurabh Shukla in the role of friend and teacher, Baljinder Kaur in the role of mother and Ella Arun in the role of principal of the school have also done a great job. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub also did a fine job in the role of Mr. Singh, the villain of the film. Over all, the film is good. The reason for the success of the film leap is that its body is of a sports film but its soul is successful in teaching life lessons.

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