How to create Fake GPS Location on Android?

I’m sure you wonder if you are being tracked or whether you want to use an application with a location service activated, but your position will not be correct at all.

You might want to do it for a number of reasons, but most of your safety because basically, nothing can track you, and if they think they are in other places completely.

Another reason is that different series are not available in your country, so you can arrange them into countries where the series is permitted and you can watch your favorite series.

Download a GPS spoofing app

Android itself does not offer such functions but there are several applications where you can just set it up. Most of them are paid, so prepare that you might have to pay a little extra to be a little safer. But if you don’t want you to not even need to pay and many of them offer many functions in your location.

We recommend downloading this one that has been tested by more users so you know what you are facing and what you should set everything.

fake location apk

Enable Developer Options

If you haven’t done it, activate the developer options on your cellphone. You have to jump to your settings menu and tap the tooth icon. From there, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select the system option.

Then tap about the phone and tap the build number quickly. If you have lock screen security, you need to verify, and then the developer option must be opened. To find it, press the back button and select the item to develop the option.

Select Mock Location app

Then you will find an imitation location option there and there you will choose the application that you install mostly under the name of a fake location.

Fake Your Location

Then you only set the location where you should be based on which application you have installed. You can set a certain address there or only a country.

Then you can enjoy movies or series that have been prohibited from you or feel much safer. Or finally, you can feel much safer because if someone wants to find you, they might find you in a completely different place if they don’t have a device that can pass this setting.

Remember that downloading from an unbelievable source can cause problems, so we suggest you review the ranking and ranking of the application before installing it.

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