Cyber Vaar 2022 Web series  Watch online, Cast, Review

Cyber Vaar 2022 Web series  Watch online Voot

IMDB Ratings: 0/10
Directed: N/A
Released Date: 10 June 2022 (India)
Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Languages: Hindi

Cyber Vaar  Web series Cast:

Film Stars: Mohit Malik, Sanaya Irani, Amitabh Krishna Ghanekar, Neha Khan, Guneet Sandhu

Cyber Vaar Web series story:

Cyber Vaar-Har Screen Crime Scene sheds light on the rising threat of cybercrime looming over Mumbai. ACP Akash Malik along with Cyber Expert Ananya Saini and team T.R.A.C.E. get on the quest to wipe out cybercrimes from the city.

Cyber Vaar 2022 Web series Screenshots:

Cyber Vaar Web series Review:

Maya’s crime has the potential to cause chaos in people’s lives, and when Mumbai is threatened, special forces are needed to get rid of the city of criminals. Ankush Bhatt’s thriller follows the same premise and highlights the increasing threat of cyberspace crimes. Only two episodes have been released so far; The remaining episode will be released every week. So far, the story can be predicted from the word go. However, the honest appearance of Mohit Malik and Sanaya Irani keeps you fun.

Cyber Vaar  Web series Trailer:

‘Cyber ​​Vaar: Har Screen Crime Scene’ begins with reminding Bharat digital netizens that “There is no personal secret, someone always watches you.” The concept of Nikhil and Kamayani and the story of Nishant Chaturvedi takes us to the dark world of cyberspace. However, it failed to attack with viewers. Mostly, the first two episodes – each about 25 minutes – focus on character introduction: ACP Akash Malik from Cyber ​​Mumbai cells and members of the essence Asha (Neha Khan) and Hau Sahib (Amitabh Ghanekar), ethical hackers and one – one – one – one – The only time for team members and technology genius Kaustuv alias Tech Bro K (Keshav Uppal). They formed an troop called a trail (response of threats and emergencies of cyberspace) on the proposal of Police Commissioner Abimanyu Roy (Indraneel Bhattacharya), with the aim of opening the guise of the mastermind behind the heinous crime. The upcoming episode may contain some interesting cases that will attract someone. However, it is now unrealistic; For example, how can a hacker increase the police computer and even hack the telephone without permission?

Because the main couple, Akash and Annya, have a shared history, there will be no doubt that there will be some chemistry between them. This will be more or less like other daily soaps if it turns out to be romantic, but if not, their chemistry will be interesting to watch. The two experienced TV actors have issued convincing actions. Mohit Malik made an OTT debut in the series, and while he looked handsome as a police officer, he was not convincing in destroying people twice his size. It was even revealed that he had been deployed to the cyber cell so that the story could add several plots to the next episode. Sanaya Irani looks stunning as a hacker.

Dropping a weekly episode for a genre like this will not take a lot of eyeballs; Instead, making all episodes available at the same time can make these thrillers can be silenced. If you are a big fan of Mohit Malik and Sanaya Irani and can wait for a weekly episode, you must watch this series; If not, pass!

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