Download Abelssoft FileFusion 2023 v6.04.51053

Download Abelssoft FileFusion 2023 v6.04.51053

Download FileFusion software

You probably also have many duplicate files on your system, files and folders that have been copied several times in different places of the system and cause a waste of disk space and reduce system performance. Abelssoft FileFusion software With its help, you can identify duplicate files and delete them easily from your system to free up to 31% of hard drive space. Also, this program is able to identify files that even have different names but have the same contents. In fact, this software combines duplicate files with each other in one file, which means that only one file is physically stored on your system. After scanning the system and removing duplicate files, FileFusion provides a detailed report of the number of duplicate files, combined, the amount of freed hard disk space, etc.

Key features software Abelssoft FileFusion:
– Identify and delete duplicate files
– Identify duplicate files with different names
– Combining duplicate files and keeping only one copy of them on the system
– Freeing memory space
– Obtaining a comprehensive report of the number of duplicate files detected and deleted, the amount of hard disk space freed, etc.
– high security

Find and delete duplicate files. Free up to 31% more storage space. FileFusion analyzes files that are on your pc and finds all kinds of duplicate files. Using its fingerprinting technology, the tool even recognizes duplicates that have different file names.

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