Download Abelssoft SyncManager 2024 v23.0.50849

Download Abelssoft SyncManager 2024 v23.0.50849

Download SyncManager software

SyncManager software  is for synchronizing all types of data such as images and audio files between folders, drives or even different devices. In fact, this software helps you so that whenever you add new information to a folder, a camera, a flash memory or… This software is checked and the new data is saved next to the previous data, for example you can copy the latest camera images to your desired archive or a weekly and automatic backup file of your important data. Prepare and save on an external hard drive. Data synchronization is done easily and without any problems with the help of SyncManager. Synchronization is done automatically in the background. 4 different synchronization methods are provided to you in this software, in fact, you can easily set the data synchronization operation to be done permanently, manually, daily or weekly. It is enough to specify your desired settings only once, and from then on every time after connecting any external device such as USB or camera, the data synchronization operation is performed automatically in the background of the system.

Key features software SyncManager:
– Synchronize any information such as images, mp3 files, etc. anywhere in the system or peripheral devices
– Automatic execution in background mode
– Four different synchronization methods: permanent, manual, daily or weekly
– Only need to set once
– saving time
– Easy and simple user interface

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