Download App Builder software for building mobile applications without coding

Download App Builder v2023.67 x64 + v2022.17 x86 software for building mobile applications without coding

App Builder software, App Builder provides its users with a complete set of tools necessary to build and develop hybrid mobile applications applicable on different platforms, without the need to master different programming languages ​​for each platform. This application software is provided with the aim of helping beginner users who want to create HTML5 programs and do not have any prior knowledge in this field. App Builder is designed based on visual programming, which means that the user does not need to write code to build their applications. In other words, App Builder is a practical and effective programming solution that can be used to create HTML applications in a fully visual environment.

Key features of the App Builder software
: – Creating HTML5 applications without the need for coding
– Completely intuitive and understandable user interface
– It has a sufficient set of commonly used controls in building applications
– No need to know Javascript to create actions

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