Download DA-HelpCreator v2.7.1 – software for creating online help files

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Download DA-HelpCreator software

Today in every software There is an option named Help that users can read to get familiar with the functionality of the software. DA-HelpCreator It is a help file writing software that helps you create online documents and guides, and programmers, software producers, or even non-professional users can use it to create a training file for their program. With the help of customizable templates in this software, you can easily create a CHM file or a question and answer page and extract it in HTML format. Also, by uploading this designed file via FTP, you can upload your project guide as a website in your web space.

Key features software HelpCreator:
– Designing HTML and CHM help files
– A set of ready-made custom designs
– Upload the help file in the form of a website
– Possibility of separating format and content
– Creating navigation elements, table of contents, sitemaps and links automatically

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