Download dbForge Studio for MySQL Enterprise v10.0.60 x64 + v8.2.23

Download dbForge Studio for MySQL software

dbForge Studio for MySQL One software Universal MySQL client for Windows with its help, MySQL developers and administrators will be able to create and execute queries, develop and debug MySQL programs, manage MySQL database elements automatically, etc. dbForge Studio for MySQL is actually an integrated development environment or a powerful IDE for MySQL users, which in addition to a user interface GraphicsIt has provided the possibility of easy data editing and management, comparison, synchronization, scheduling of periodic backup operations, as well as analysis and preparation of reports from data tables.
dbForge Studio for MySQL works with all MariaDB database servers and supports a variety of MariaDB objects. You can visually design the database structure, run SQL queries and scripts, and manage MariaDB users.

Key features software dbForge Studio for MySQL:
– Powerful editor with the ability to automatically complete codes, intelligently recognize syntaxes and…
– Ability to transfer data between servers, analyze differences between databases
– Comparing and synchronizing data and database structure
– Scheduling tasks related to database synchronization on a regular basis
– Produce a comparison report
– Create queries visually
– Easy creation of links between tables GraphicsY
– Database design
– Analyze, reverse engineer, print and customize your MySQL databases
– Viewing the connections related to foreign keys
– Display database objects with their properties
– Execution of stored procedures
– Support for more than 10 popular data formats for importing and extracting data
– Scheduled, regular and periodic database backup
– MySQL service control
– Management of server variables
– Management of server sessions
– Debugging and debugging the database
– Designing and modifying the structure of tables visually
– Database analysis and report preparation

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