Download doPDF Software to convert Word files to PDF

Download doPDF | Software to convert Word files to PDF

doPDF 11.8.417 is the name of a free and very professional and popular software to convert Word files to PDF. Are you tired of searching for ways to create PDF documents from Word text files? Our suggestion is to simplify your work for once by using this program! doPDF provides you with the Print option using a virtual printer in all kinds of applications so that you can quickly convert all kinds of files to PDF format. With just one click, you can convert Excel, Word, PowerPoint files or received e-mails as well as web pages to PDF format and output from them.

This software automatically adds a virtual printer to the Printers and Faxes section of the control panel after installation, this virtual printer is actually a professional doPDF converter. All you have to do is run your desired document in Microsoft Word, WordPad, NotePad, etc. software and then press Print or Ctrl+P, now by choosing doPDF as the printer, you can prepare PDF outputs from your desired document. Now you can download the latest version of doPDF software from the Yas download site.

Features of doPDF software:

– completely free

– Support for 64-bit Windows operating systems

– No need for intermediate software to convert to PDF

– Direct conversion of text documents to PDF

– Support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files

– The possibility of setting the resolution

– The possibility of personal adjustment of the page size in Letter, Legal, A4, A5, A6 types

– Creating searchable PDFs

– Support for all kinds of languages, especially sweet Persian language


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