Download EmEditor Professional v23.0.4 x86/x64

Download EmEditor Professional v23.0.4 x86/x64

software downloadEm Editor Professional / EmEditor

Many users today use many text editing programs to write different texts. softwareEach one of them helps users in this matter with many features. But many of these softwares often face problems, one of these problems is editing large files, large texts with large volumes have problems when loading in these softwares, and when performing editing operations from They have a very low speed.
EmEditor Professional The product of Emurasoft company is a professional text editor with many features that users can use to edit their text files. Various editing and writing tools are available in this software. The power of this software is to open large text files and documents. This software is able to run different text files in the shortest possible time and this feature has been improved in the new version of this software. If the system using this software has 1 GB of main memory, this software is able to run a 4 GB file. In version 6.00 of this software, the loading time of a large file was a maximum of 3 minutes and 54 seconds, and in version 7.00 of this program, this time has been reduced to 13 seconds.

Also, the time to replace and save the text has been reduced from 9 minutes and 5 seconds to 1 second in the new version. The latest version of this software It allows you to open large files in the shortest possible time, which is a revolution in existing editors. (open files up to 248 GB or 2.1 billion lines)

Key features of EmEditor software:
– Professional toolbar
– Ability to edit text files
– The ability to code HTML language with the ability to identify errors in coding
– The ability to use the Macro feature in the software to record various events (with this section, you can record the changes you make on your texts with the mouse or keyboard and use them for repeated applications, training, etc. )
– Has a complete dictionary for using different programming languages
– Support programming languages:
C#, C++, CSS, HTML, Ini, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Pascal (Delphi), Perl,
PerlScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, TeX (LaTeX), VBScript,
WindowsScript, x86 Assembler, XML
– Unicode support:
Baltic, Central یوروpean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional,
Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese (Shift-JIS), Japanese (JIS), Japanese (EUC),
Korean, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Western یوروpean
– Advanced Find and Replace feature
– Ability to accept Plugin to edit more file formats such as DLL and…
– Drag & Drop feature to move the selected text
– Save and create backup automatically
– FindBar: allows you to search the text in a new bar
– HTML Bar: A bar that helps you see your HTML text components more easily
– Projects: displays the folders as a tree and allows you to open them in this section
– Word Complete: shows a list of the last words used and marked in EmEditor so that you can continue writing your text more easily by selecting the desired word

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