Download ExtraMAME v23.12 x64 + v20.0

Download ExtraMAME v23.12 x64 + v20.0

Download ExtraMAME software

ExtraMAME software It is smaller and easier with the help of which you can thousands Play Run and play classic video on your system, so you won’t need complicated settings and controls to work with this software.
Some of you probably remember old video games. A video game is a type of interactive entertainment that is performed by an electronic device equipped with a processor or microcontroller and has a large audience, so that these games have become one of the most popular entertainments available. Older video game systems included various connections, and many of them became obsolete over time. MAME (short for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is a game simulator or emulator designed to recreate the hardware of game systems in software form on modern PCs and other platforms.

Key features software ExtraMAME:
– Support thousands Play Old video
– Ability to disable the sound of games
– Ability to activate the mouse in the game window
– Ability to activate the joystick in the game window
– Ability to open the game in a new window
– Reject the display of the game information page

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