Download GiliSoft Video Editor

Download GiliSoft Video Editor | Video editing software

GiliSoft Video Editor Pro 16.3.0 + Portable is a simple and easy tool to quickly edit your favorite videos. This program, which supports all popular video formats, allows quick and easy editing of video files. Using this program, you can cut video, merge multiple videos into one file, edit video subtitles, etc.

Other features of this program include the ability to set and edit various video parameters such as bit rate, resolution, the ability to set the background, the presence of a special player inside the program, etc. Now you can download the latest version of GiliSoft Video Editor software from Yas Download site.

Key features of GiliSoft Video Editor:

– The ability to merge multiple image files into one file

– The possibility of dividing the video into several parts

– Ability to cut and delete different parts of the video

– Ability to set video parameters such as resolution, bit rate, sound, etc.

– The presence of a special player inside the program

– Ability to work with subtitles and edit them

– Super speed with easy user interface

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