Download GoldWave v6.79 x64 – software for editing audio files with the user Q

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Download GoldWave v6.79 x64 - easy-to-use audio file editing software

software downloadGoldWave / GoldWave

Maybe it has happened to you that you want to edit an audio file such as Mp3 or any other audio file, or you want to add sound to it, change the sounds, give an echo to the sound, or increase or decrease the sound quality. Change music playback from bands, combine several music together, add your website address to Mp3 or audio file information, etc., or convert one format to another audio format, etc., today. softwareVarious can be found for editing audio files that create many features and benefits for editing files with different tools that they provide to users.
software GoldWave Editor It is a powerful tool for editing audio files. The application of this software is focused on audio files and various tools can be used to edit and make changes on this audio format. You can also use the effects available in this software or make fake effects on your audio file, using the tools of this software to make the song or audio files more beautiful. This software supports most audio formats such as wav, wma, mp3, ogg, aiff, au, vox, and you can easily convert audio formats to each other. This software records every sound passing through the sound card. You can record sounds from external programs such as microphones, CD/DVD video tapes, AM/FM satellite radio, etc.

Key features software GoldWave Editor:
– Ability to edit large files, 4 GB or more (NTFS only)
– High quality, 24 bit, 192 KHZ
– Ability to edit Cut, Copy, Delete audio file
– Ability to convert audio files from one format to another
– The ability to add and edit a lot of information such as album, singer, commands, copyright, category, topic, year
– Has multiple decal surfaces
– The ability to merge multiple music and sounds
– The ability to determine the desired location or part of a sound or music for editing and applying changes
– The possibility of using a badge for the location of a specific or selected part
– Record audio data from microphone, DVD / VCD / CD Player, tape, LP, MP3 Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Web Page, Internet Conversation, Internet New, Internet Radio Station
– It has many effects such as distortion, tone change, reflection, smoothness, mechanization, shaping, pan, pitch shaping, inverting, processing, time shifting, sub bass, pitch matching, channel mixing, etc.
– Ability to preview effects and presets
– It has sound restoration filters: reducing noise, smoothing the sound, pop/click
– Support file formats wav, mp3, ogg, aiff, au, vox, mat, snd, voc, FLAC, raw binary, text data
– The ability to edit chain effects
– The ability to display the waveform of audio data (Zoom Full, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom Vertical)
– Batch processing and conversion
– The ability to edit direct waves with the mouse
– Has a change tool position
– Changing the color of waves to increase efficiency
– Has special shortcuts for use by professional users
– With automatic recording timer
– Easy, attractive and user-friendly environment
– Possibility of excellent sound and improved features
– And …

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GoldWave Download

GoldWave Editor is a very good digital audio editor.
GoldWave is ideal for people who work with audio for CD editing, archive restoration, speech analysis, radio and TV, Java and Web pages, games, or just for fun.
GoldWave is the most advanced and complete audio editor available in its price range. GoldWave includes all of the common audio editing commands and effects, plus powerful built-in tools such as a batch processor/converter, a CD reader, and audio restoration filters that cost extra in other similar programs.

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Installation guide GoldWave software

1- Install the software.
2- Block the software’s access to the Internet through the firewall. (Teaching how to prevent a software from connecting to the Internet from here see.)
3- Run the Keygen.exe file from the Keygen folder and click on Make.
4- Run the software and click Enter License in the bar at the bottom of the screen. (or click on Register in the Help > About section) by entering the information obtained in the previous step, register it.

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