Download Grub2Win v2.3.8.1 – Boot management software to run multiple systems

Download Grub2Win v2.3.8.1 - Boot management software to run multiple operating systems on a computer


Download Grub2Win software

software Grub2Win Allows you to boot safely Windows and gives Linux in one computer. This software supports EFI and 32 and 64-bit BIOSes and allows you to install various operating systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and even Android gives It is also possible to boot IOS operating system files. In addition to the mentioned items, the software provides you with a lot of customization options; So you can shape your boot menu as you want.

Key features software Grub2Win:
– Support for EFI and BIOS firmware versions of 32 and 64 bits
– Ability to install in Windows10/8/7 and XP
– Requires only one directory on C drive and requires about 18 MB of storage space
– Compatible with all languages. The boot time guide is available in 31 languages
– Link GraphicsSimple in Windows and easy installation in a few seconds
– Allow installation of EFI firmware boot instructions through Windows
– Preview and customize 9 available themes for the background
– Ability to work with all file systems such as Mac hfs and Btrfs
– Ability to search and boot a partition by its label. Support for advanced scripts
– Ability to work with both GPT and MBR disks
– Support up to 128 primary partitions per drive
– Support for very large disks and partitions (above 20 TB)
– Without making changes in the registry
– Secure multiboot capability in Windows, Remix, AndroidUbuntu, Debian, Suse, Fedora, Mint و …
– Grub customization is done through Windows and does not need to be configured for Linux
– Running the open source codes of GNU Grub 2.02. Frequent releases and upgrades
– Digitally signed codes. Without AdvertiseEffortless spyware and malware… it just does it’s job

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