Download Kip and Odosan – Kip and Odosan game

Download Kip and Odosan – Kip and Odosan game
Download Kip and Odosan - Kip and Odosan game

Download Cape and Udusan game for PC

Kip and Odosan One Play It is an action-adventure video game developed by Stray Voltage Games and released by the same company in December 2023 for the Microsoft operating system. Windows It has been published. Help Kip run, jump, shoot, swim, and fly through the galaxy to rescue his kidnapped cat Udosan in this hand-crafted platforming combo. Enjoy 12 unique levels of platforming challenges through a variety of game types and unique worlds while piecing together the true mystery of Kip and Udosan and the danger they face. Each of the characters in the game has its own unique abilities, and real mystery. The game “Kip and Odosan” has a comic book approach that presents different winding stories along different paths and mechanics.

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Installation guide Kip and Odosan game on Windows

1- First, before extracting the game files, disable your antivirus.
2- Remove all parts of the game from the Zip mode and install the game by running the setup file.
3- By default, the game is cracked and DRM Free.

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