Download QuickSurface 2024 v6.0.6 x64

Download QuickSurface 2024 v6.0.6 x64

Download QuickSurface software

QuickSurface One software Reverse engineering is for 3D scanners that, by using efficient algorithms and a complete set of useful features, provides a unique environment for any user to create a CAD model from scanned PTX point clouds or STL meshes. create As you know, reverse engineering is the art of converting point clouds into 3D CAD models. A point cloud is a three-dimensional set of points that describe the external surface characteristics of an object. These points are obtained by analyzing the environment around the object and collecting information from its appearance with the help of a 3D scanner. Quick Surface is used for quick and easy reconstruction of surfaces from point cloud output data. This software offers several different methods for surface reconstruction according to the type of input shape and is capable of parametric modeling of prismatic and organic shapes. You can extract the output data in standard IGES or STEP formats or import it directly into SOLIDWORKS.

Key features software Quick Surface:
– Reverse engineering of scanned PTX point clouds or STL meshes
– Data extraction to IGES or STEP format
– The possibility of changing the automatic leveling mode, if required by the design
– Ability to manually adjust resolution and position of control points
– Parametric hybrid modeling
– Transfer models to SolidWorks

Quick Surface – The ultimate solution for Reverse Engineering compatible with any 3D Scanner exporting STL meshes or PTX point clouds. Hybrid parametric modeling for both organic and prismatic shapes. Export data in standard IGES or STEP file formats or build fully parametric history tree directly into SOLIDWORKS.

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