Download Simple Sticky Notes v6.3

Download Simple Sticky Notes v6.3

Download Simple Sticky Notes software

Simple Sticky Notes softwareTo record and remember daily notes on small colored papers in the environment desktop Is. This light and compact software is similar to the default Sticky Notes program Windows It has more features and settings, which has made it easier for you. Hence you can each of your notes in the form of a piece of paper Graphics.Place the image in different colors on the desktop. It is also possible to customize the color. There are also styles and sizes of each note. In addition, in order to remind you of your important tasks, you can set a special alarm for each of the notes with the help of MP3 files to notify you of the necessary reminders.

Key features software Simple Sticky Notes:
– Put a sticky note on it desktop
– color adjustment, Font Text, size, level of transparency, etc. of each note
– The possibility of placing a link
– Ability to insert special characters
– The possibility of entering a list
– Adjust the spacing between text lines
– Ability to set sound alarms for notes
– Light and compact

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