Download Skype v8.109.0.209 Win/Linux + Portable

Download Skype v8.109.0.209 Win/Linux + Portable

Skype name software It allows you to communicate with friends via voice Internet Provide. This program works like a telephone and two parties who want to communicate with each other must have this program installed. Also, in this program, it is possible to establish video communication through internet cameras and text chat, and even transfer files. This software has a high quality in voice transmission, even more than the telephone communication that is established from far away areas. For example, if you call one of your relatives in a country like France from inside Iran, you should pause while talking so that the sound reaches you or the other party with a little delay, but with the help of this software, you can easily communicate with the farthest regions. You can also call with high resolution and quality. This program, like other similar programs such as Yahoo Messenger, does not suffer from interruptions and noises that disrupt the sound during voice communication.
To use this software, after installing the program, you just need to register on the website of this program through the software and create a personal user ID for yourself.

Another feature of this program is finding other people who use this program and the possibility of contacting them. You can add them to your friends list in the app. You will also be able to categorize your friends.
Other features of this software It can be referred to phone calls to other phone numbers. In this way, you enter your friend’s phone number in the program and call him! In this way, in fact, you from Internet You have called your friend’s personal phone (Of course, this feature is not free).

Key features of Skype software:
Unlimited and free calls anywhere in the world with other users Skype
Video call capability
– Ability chat Chat with more than 100 people in groups
– Ability
Conference call Up to four people at the same time
– The ability to call a normal phone (at a reasonable price) with even better quality than a normal phone
– Show your friends list

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