Download Steelray Project Viewer v6.20

Download Steelray Project Viewer v6.20
Download Steelray Project Viewer v6.20 - software for displaying MS Project documents and checking project progress

Download Steelray Project Viewer software

Steelray Project Viewer softwareTo help advance the goals and plans of team members by displaying MS Project or P6 documents, project schedules (project control), recording the overall project process, the date and progress of different project stages. This software is widely used in large industries and projects (such as air and space / defense, construction) and you will not need to import or upload anything, just select the file you want simply by using Open MS Project and as you can see, you can see the original data and programs. As you know, the detailed planning of large and complex projects usually requires their separation and organization in the form of smaller and simpler projects in order to better understand the existing tasks. If you are looking for a tool to plan and track the progress of the project in different stages, and on the other hand, maintaining the integrity of the project and controlling it only by the manager is very important for you, Steelray Project Viewer software can be the right choice for you. The status of changes and updates made in different parts of the project is sent electronically to the manager so that there is no need to read line by line of the project to receive the applied changes.

Key features software Steelray Project Viewer:
– Display MS Project or P6 documents
– View details related to various tasks
– Select a specific date and view projects that are running, finished, started
– Separating the project into simpler projects and monitoring its different aspects
– Send project status updates to the manager
– Advanced printing
– Ability to view all pages, one page or actual size before printing
– Checking the progress of the project
– Displaying completed, incomplete, in-progress projects and…
– Controlling tasks and sub-tasks in large projects
– Compatibility with .XER and UN/CEFACT XML Primavera files, Excel, Microsoft Project 98_2016
– Easy and quick search through work information, resource name and date
– Using a simpler user interface than MS Project
– Time and cost control and management
– And …

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Installation guide Steelray Project Viewer software

1- Right-click on the Setup.exe file and run it by selecting the Run as Administrator option. Install and run the software.
2- Run the Keygen.exe file inside the Keygen folder and after entering a desired name and email in the Name and Email fields and selecting the software name (Steelray Project Viewer) from the Product drop-down menu, click on the Generate button to create a Generate the key.
3- Register the software with the information generated in the previous step.

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