Download SysTools Exchange Recovery v10.1

Download SysTools Exchange Recovery v10.1

Here are some key features of “SysTools Exchange Recovery”:
– EDB Recovery Software Supports to Recover Deleted Emails from Exchange Mailboxes
– Repair Exchange Private & Public Folders (Priv.edb, Pub.edb) & STM Files
– Supports Recovery from Dismounted & Offline EDB files
– Support Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013 & All Below Versions.
– Exchange Recovery tool smoothly run on 2010, 2007 and 2003 Version.
– Recover Exchange Mailboxes to Live Exchange Server, MS Outlook & Office 365
– Save & Load Scanned EDB File for re-scanning
– Provides with facility to search users of sub-domain
– Maintains Folder Hierarchy during Exchange EDB Recovery
– Allows to Export by Category : Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Journals & Notes
– File naming convention to save Exchange emails in HTML/PDF/EML/MSG/MBOX
– Date and Time-based Filtering to restore Exchange emails of 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc., of certain period

Exchange Mailboxes Recovery
EDB Recovery Software allows you to recover Exchange Server mailboxes from dismounted and offline EDB files. Also perform deleted email recovery from Exchange Server mailboxes. You can recover emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals from each mailbox.
exchange recovery storage group

Deleted EDB Database Recovery
Exchange Recovery software can recover deleted mailbox from Exchange EDB File. It can recover all deleted items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, from corrupt edb files. A user can have a look upon those eliminated data and then, restore deleted exchange emails and other items from Exchange server in Outlook/ HTML/ file format or directly export them to the Exchange.

Granular Exchange Recovery Storage Group
It is possible for users to select the EDB files of any storage group and restore all Exchange mailboxes in it using EDB Repair Tool. The software is rending many advance setting options, which enable users to restore Exchange mailbox in a customized manner. Note: It is compulsory to have Outlook configured with Exchange to export data in 2003 version of the targeted server.

Export to Live Exchange Servernew feature
Exchange EDB recovery tool will directly export the recovered EDB file data in Live Exchange server mailboxes. EDB to EDB recovery can be performed by following advance settings:

– Exchange Settings : Enter required details for validation and then, select the version of Exchange in which data is to be exported.
– General Settings : Provides option to export selective data to the Live Exchange server

Export EDB to Exchange 2019, 2016/13 repair exchange database
The software not only supports Microsoft Exchange 2019, 2016/13 database recovery, but also permits you to export data in it. Apart from all the other Exchange Server versions supported for executing a live export of recovered data, the Exchange granular recovery tool also supports MS Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013 & all below version.This tool allows users with facility to search users of a sub-domain.

Recover Public & Private Folders
Exchange database recovery tool can extract & recover public folder from Exchange EDB File Also the private folders of Exchange mailboxes. It is possible to restore Exchange priv.edb and Exchange pub.edb folders without any data loss.

Recover All Attachments
Program restores Exchange mailbox emails and associated attachments of file type including; images, documents etc. Additionally, Exchange Mailbox Recovery tool will export the attachments embedded in HTML body as well as other embedded messages, documents etc.

Dual Recovery Mode
You can recover Exchange EDB file using Quick and Advance scan mode. If the corruption is minimal then, use Quick mode and for severely damaged Exchange mailboxes, use Advance scanning mode to deal with Highly corrupt Exchange database files. There is no file size limitation appended within our software. The EDB repair tool works thoroughly with any size of the server database file without any stuck.

Save Recovered Data In PST Format
You can create Outlook file from Exchange mailboxes after restoring exchange mailbox. The Exchange server repair and recovery tool will create UNICODE format PST file and save all items like: emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals etc., into it. You can access the resultant PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and all below versions.

Preview Items with Attributes
EDB Recovery tool generates an instant preview of all Exchange Server mailbox components like; emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals etc.; with associated meta data. It will show emails in retained formatting along with attachments.

Save EDB as EML or MSG
After fixing corrupt exchange mailbox, Exchange file recovery software can save EDB emails to EML or MSG files. You can select any of these formats to save emails and further use them in application like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express etc.

Export to HTML & PDF Formats export to various file format
The Exchange EDB Recovery Tool supports multiple file types for exporting recovered offline EDB contents. Along with Outlook, the tool also permit exporting recovered data to HTML and Portable Document Format files respectively.

Validate Exchange Mailbox validate exchange mailbox
While migrating Exchange mailboxes to Live Exchange server, users can use Advance settings option to validate their account. One just need to enter Admin SMTP, Password, Server IP, and Active directory credentials to work with this feature. Apart from this, users have to select the version of the targeted server in Exchange to Exchange migration tool .

Recover Data of EDB and STM File
To start with Exchange EDB recovery process, you can add EDB file and the associated STM file will automatically get loaded for Exchange 2003 and lower versions when available in same folder. Thus; both EDB and STM file data can be recovered at a time.

Recovery from Inactive Server
Exchange Server Recovery software allows you to restore data from EDB file even if Exchange Server is down or inactive. You don’t have to depend on Exchange Server availability. However, EDB repair tool requires Exchange connectivity only when users are directly exporting recovered data to Live Exchange server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and all below versions.

Selective Item Export
You can export selective items from EDB to EDB or Outlook file / / HTML formats with help of Exchange Mailbox recovery tool. After the software repairs damaged Exchange 2010/ 07 database and other version files, all items get loaded in a three-pane format. At this time instant, users are having the chance to accomplish selective conversion with help of advanced settings feature.

Selective Mailbox / Folder Export

You can choose the option to batch export Exchange mailboxes to EDB, , HTML, or Outlook file formats, respectively. Here, you can check / uncheck desired mailboxes or any internal folder that you need to export. You just need to check data items like emails, contacts, calendar, etc., from categories section of customized settings Window to perform granular exchange recovery.

Option to Auto-Generate CSV File auto generate csv file
While using CSV file to provide targeted mailboxes, users will not have to generate CSV file on their own instead, they just need to click on Auto generate CSV option via Exchange to Exchange migration tool. After clicking on it, save the CSV file with desired name on any location and then, open file to fill up only the destination mailbox column. Please note that number of entries in source and destination mailbox name should be equal.

Multiple Settings to Save in PDF save in pdf file
Advance settings option of Exchange Mailbox Recovery Tool equips below illustrated options to customize portable documents:

– Page Layout : Adjust the margin of resultant PDF file with its orientation and file size
– Bates Number : Smart feature to implement & adjust bates number with date stamp

Maintains Folder Structure
Exchange Mailbox Recovery tool maintains internal structure of folders and sub folders in EDB mailboxes while repairing corrupt Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc., database files and exporting them. The email attachments and meta properties all are kept intact at the time of resolving Exchange server corruption issue. The software is an all-in-one solution to repair damaged exchange 2010 mailbox file and restore data from it.

Date and Time Based Filter date based filter
The Exchange Recovery software offers a date and time based filter option for emails, specifically. While converting the Exchange database to the featured file formats or importing it to live Exchange environ, you can apply the filtration options to only move selected emails. EDB file repair tool provides a comfortable procedure to retrieve emails from Exchange mailboxes selectively.

Option to Split Large PST File
As you create resultant Outlook file using EDB file recovery software; it is possible to split the size of Outlook file into smaller parts. Select the size and break single large file into several smaller and more easily manageable sizes.

Recover All Message Types
Exchange Recovery software can restore mail messages of plain text format, RTF format along with HTML format. It will keep the original formatting of messages intact.

Generates Export Report
Once the migration has finished, a small summary report will be generated; which displays number of selected mailboxes and path of exported Exchange mailbox or file created. You can save this report as CSV for future reference.

Multiple File Naming Options edb recovery tool feature
Exchange EDB file repair tool equips file naming convention settings, if users have chosen option to restore Exchange email messages. One just need to expand Advance settings menu of any of the four file formats and then, explore the list of Naming Convention. There are seven patterns provided to clients for storing file with desired more.

Export by Category export by categories
This inbuilt Exchange EDB recovery tool is capable to export the emails according to the categories such as Mail, Calendar, Contacts & Tasks. This will allow users to selectively move their data after successive Exchange Recovery

PDF Bates Numbering & Stampingpdf bat number
This facility within Exchange Mailbox Recovery Tool allows users to set PDF Page Number according to Position (Top, Left Right, Bottom). It also provides users with facility to apply Date Stamping according to the position.

Save Exchange Database Scan
The EDB Recovery software comes with a save scan option that lets you save time consumption. Once you save the scan of an EDB file, you can later use it for conversion and avoid re-scanning, leading to time consumption.

No Issue of 2 GB PST Size
Exchange Recovery software creates resulting Outlook file in UNICODE format thus you don’t encounter 2 GB file size limitation issue. You can create and import Outlook of size more than 2 GB.

Auto Search EDB in Local Drive
SysTools Exchange Recovery utility provides added support for the automated search of random EDB format files in local drives. The feature will help you save ample amount of time consumed while manually locating offline EDB files on the machine.

Advance Scan on Windows 64Bit
The Tool is supportive towards providing the Advance Scanning option for heavily corrupted databases on Windows 64Bit OS. Amongst all supported versions of Windows Operating System the tool also supports an Advance Scan on its 64bit versions too.

Switch Screen Mode
EDB File Recovery Tool also provides option of changeable View screen pane. By default, the screen view mode remains horizontal but; if needed; you can switch the screen to vertical view mode.

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