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Download The Sinking City - Merciful Madness - Sinking City game
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New and compact version FitGirl Replaced!

Download Drowning city game for PC

The Sinking City One Play is an action-adventure-survival video game developed by Frogwares and published by Bigben Interactive in June 2019 for the Microsoft operating system. Windows It has been published. The story of the game and its events take place in a fictional city called Oakmont, where you play the role of a private detective named Charles Reed and you have to discover many mysteries. The story of the game starts from where you are faced with strange events after entering this city and you have to discover what has made the residents of this city so strange and who is behind the scenes of these events. As you progress in the game “Drowning City”, everything you need to know about the characters, their mental problems, their appearance, etc. will gradually be revealed. The missions of the game are very fun and you have to solve a series of difficult puzzles to get the necessary permits to enter each stage and mission. The game environment is very diverse and is designed as an open world. You can also explore the huge world of the game on foot, using a boat or a diving suit and complete the missions.

In the gameplay Play You will have access to a variety of weapons that you can use to fight monsters and strange creatures that threaten you and save yourself from dangerous situations. Play with having GraphicsIt has very well simulated coastal, urban and water depth environments and is very stunning. At night, strange and haunted creatures start moving in the streets and attack other people, and you have to use your abilities to deal with them. Every decision you make in the game will directly affect your future and the people of this city and will determine the future of the game.

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Installation guide The Sinking City game on Windows

1- First, before extracting the game files, disable your antivirus.
2- Remove all parts of the game from the Zip mode and install the game by running the setup file.
3- Finally, the contents of the folder Crack Copy it to the game installation location.

prescription CorePack: The CorePack version is actually a compressed and cracked version of the game. In this version, the in-game videos are compressed and there is no difference in terms of game stages from other versions.

prescription FitGirl: Fitgirl games are extremely easy to install and do not even need to copy the crack and are cracked by default. In addition, it should be noted that the installation time of these games is usually long. It should be noted that this version has the latest updates and additional packages at the time of release.

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