Download WinMerge v2.16.36 x86/x64 + Portable

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software WinMerge A tool under Windows It shows the difference between files and merging files and directories. This tool is very useful for specifying the changes made between different versions of a file and can be used to merge the changes made in the file. WinMerge supports Unicode, has a flexible text editor with mixed colors, and is also integrated with Visual SourceSafe and Windows Shell. Other features include: having a Regexp filter for file names and lines, displaying line differences side-by-side and highlighting differences within lines, a file map to fully display the differences between files in the position panel, and the user interface in several different languages. Cited.

Key features software WinMerge:
– Visual comparison and integration of text files
– Flexible editor with text highlighting, line numbering and word-wrap to break big words in more than one line
– Highlighting (highlight) the differences inside the lines
– Special panel for displaying current changes in two vertical panels
– Detection of shifted lines
– Compare folders on the same level or recursively
– Tree or flat display of folder comparison results
– File filters based on Regular Expression allow deleting and adding items
– Comparison of binary files in the folder as text files
– Shell Integration feature (support of Windows 64-bit)
– Support for archive files using 7-Zip
– Quick comparison with the help of date and file size
– Creating patch files (Normal-, Context- and Unified formats)

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