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A dragon city will be in your hands when participating in Dragon City Mobile. It allows you to own a wide collection of species that are both lovable and powerful. They are raised, collected, and bred by you from various sources. Becoming the top Dragon Master on the planet is the dream you will conquer in this simulation game. To that end, you can mobilize and join alliances to fight head-to-head in global events.


Gems are something that every player wishes to own as much as possible. Therefore, besides the Dragon island, as you were familiar with before, the game has launched the gem island now with the latest updated version. This place is a treasure trove of gems for you to exploit and add to your collection freely. However, to own this valuable item, you must complete all the tasks that the game offers specifically for you.

Dragon City Mobile


The world you are about to enter is a beautiful floating island in the middle of the sea. It promises you the most comfortable, quiet feelings along with adventurous but exciting experiences. Dragon City Mobile allows you to build a dragon city with a system of farms, buildings, etc. It is mainly for the pleasure of collecting and taking care of your dragons.


First of all, to build a large collection of Dragons, your task is to breed them. From the initial few dragons under your hand, time goes by. They get bigger and bigger and begin to enter the breeding period. You can breed your favorite species together to create a new species. Each dragon species will bring in its own unique advantages. This is the foundation for your breeding.

For example, one species is beautiful, and one is extremely intelligent to create the perfect breed just for you. This is just an example for you to imagine the result of that breeding process easily. In fact, Dragon City Mobile owns more than 1000 dragons with different amazing characteristics. You can use them to create a wonderful dragon city named after you. This will help you unleash your creativity and combine to serve your fight and dreams later.

Dragon City Mobile


In addition, you have many other choices for the process of breeding and breeding dragons. Talking about the combination of Fire Dragon, Nature, Purity, and Legend is not a bad idea. Not only that, Dragon City Mobile has many other elements for you to explore. Once you have your favorite breeds, you can embark on a challenging training journey but promises to be filled with fun memories.

You should treat your mental children very well because they live very affectionately, not like their arid appearance. Every day, you are the one directly taking care of them, giving them food and water. At the same time, when the dragons are sick, you also transform into a doctor who examines and cures them. Besides, this is also an opportunity for you to become a teacher to teach them how to fight to defeat the enemy when necessary.

Dragon City Mobile


In addition to the main supply from the shared house itself, you can supplement your Dragon collection through the collection route. Specifically, you can own unique new species in regular events that take place every week. If you win, your reward can be an extremely lovable dragon with interesting and strange properties. In addition, we also have another world called Tree Of Life. You have the ability to summon dragons here to live in your city.


Before officially entering the most anticipated public events, besides the strength that you have honed every day, every month, the appearance of the dragons is significant. If you want to be the most prominent character in the event, you can decorate the dragons with splendid and beautiful costumes. The cool dragon skins that you have collected in the events have the opportunity to shine.

Dragon City Mobile


The official PvP battle begins with the participation and gathering of famous Dragon Masters in the world. This is your chance to show your strength through quests with the masters of Dragon City Mobile. If you win, you can get new dragons, giant warrior chests containing gems, dragon skins, etc. At the same time, your position on the leaderboard is also significantly promoted.

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