Hashar A Love Story 2008 Punjabi HDRip Download


Hashar A Love Story 2008 Punjabi  HDRip Download

IMDB Ratings: 6.6/10
Released Date: 26 September 2008 (India)
Genres: Romance
Languages: Punjabi
Director: Gaurav Trehan
Writer: Master Tarlochan Singh (story)
Stars: Babbu Mann, Gurleen Chopra, Akshita Sharma

“Hashar: A Love Story” is a Punjabi language film that was released in 2008. The film was directed by Gaurav Trehan and stars Babbu Mann and Mahima Mehta in the lead roles.

The film tells the story of a young man named Jeet, played by Babbu Mann, who falls in love with a girl named Heer, played by Mahima Mehta. However, their love story is not a smooth one, as they face many obstacles and challenges along the way. Jeet is from a poor family, and Heer’s family is wealthy and influential. Despite the differences in their social status, the two fall in love and are determined to be together.

As the story unfolds, the couple faces opposition from Heer’s family, who do not approve of their relationship. In addition, there are other characters in the film who are also in love with Heer and are determined to win her affections, creating further complications for Jeet.

The film is a romantic drama and explores themes of love, sacrifice, and social status. The music of the film, composed by Babbu Mann, was well received by audiences and the film was a commercial success at the box office.

Despite the success of the film, it was not without controversy. Some critics felt that the film glorified violence and presented a negative portrayal of Punjabi culture. The film’s director, Gaurav Trehan, defended the film, stating that it was meant to be a reflection of reality, and that the violence depicted was not meant to be celebrated.

“Hashar: A Love Story” was Babbu Mann’s first film as an actor, and he also composed the film’s music. His performance was well-received by audiences, and he went on to star in and compose music for several other Punjabi films.

Overall, “Hashar: A Love Story” is a romantic drama that explores the challenges faced by young lovers from different social backgrounds. It is a popular film among Punjabi audiences and has helped to establish Babbu Mann as a prominent figure in Punjabi cinema.

In addition to Babbu Mann and Mahima Mehta, “Hashar: A Love Story” also features a strong supporting cast of well-known Punjabi actors, including Gurleen Chopra, Rana Ranbir, and Deep Dhillon. The film’s cinematography and editing were also praised by critics.

The film’s title, “Hashar,” is a Punjabi word that can be translated to mean “suffering” or “sacrifice.” This is a fitting title for the film, as both Jeet and Heer are forced to make sacrifices and endure suffering in order to be together. The film’s tagline, “Love is a Promise,” further emphasizes the film’s theme of the power of love to overcome obstacles.

“Hashar: A Love Story” was one of the highest-grossing Punjabi films of 2008, and its success helped to establish Punjabi cinema as a popular genre in India. The film has also been released on DVD and is available for streaming on various platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience.


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