HBO Max set to launch on 27th May

Warner Bros. announced the launch date of the service flows much awaited HBO, HBO Max. Streaming Platform will be launched on May 27, 2020.

HBO Max is a new streaming service Media warner designed to compete with Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Quibi.

HBO Max will have to watch a lot of content, including content from Cartoon Network, DC Comics, CNN, TNT, Sesame Workshop, and Crunchyroll, as well as some well-known HBO original series.

Onward to the launch date, the head of Warner Bros., honchos, also has announced a slate of content that will be available at launch for viewers to watch.

These include the ‘legendary,’ ‘Craftopia,’ ‘Love Life,’ ‘On The Record, Looney Tunes Cartoon’ children’s series ” and ‘The Not Too Late Show with Elmo.’

Overall, HBO Max has produced a collection of 50 original series, many of which will be available at launch, and the rest will be released later.

Also, it includes every episode of the ’90s sitcom Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Rick and Morty, a new journey Doctor Who, and the entire library of South Park.

Speaking about the sitcom, has been sidelined since 2004; Friends reunion also occur, which is a big problem, but due to the outbreak Corona, has been arrested.

Would it be suitable for you to pay for other streaming services? HBO Max will cost $ 14.99 per month. For comparison, Disney + wrap $ 6.99 per month, while Netflix has a standard rate of $ 12.99.

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