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Hero Rescue is currently the most popular puzzle game in the world. The game’s many puzzles will challenge even the most seasoned players. Can you assist the hero in achieving what he asks for? You must use your head and heart to win this game. Prepare for some funniest, most intense, and most funny puzzle moments. If you are a puzzle game enthusiast, you have come to the right place.


You can realize that Hero Rescue’s gameplay will be similar to other puzzle games. To some extent, this is true because this game has inspired so many different titles. You will embark on a journey with a clumsy hero who will often be put in dangerous situations where he must ask for your help. As he progresses through the levels, he will get deeper and deeper into trouble. Your mental capacity will determine whether you can help him out of dangerous situations by solving puzzles or if you can gain an edge for yourself.

Hero Rescue Hero Rescue


Since the game is called Hero Rescue, it should be no surprise that players will be tasked with rescuing the hero at various points throughout the game. There will be no pitting one hero against another; Instead, the hero will look to you for support. To solve some puzzles, you must push and pull a series of iron bars in different directions. Removing this iron will cause any object to fall and vice versa. The game’s objective is for the hero to touch or get away from something.

Hero Rescue Hero Rescue

To pass the game, you have to solve various puzzles, such as finding treasures, avoiding scary enemies, and finding the correct exit. These puzzles will mostly be mazes and bars. However, it does not make the player uninteresting; on the contrary, it dramatically increases their excitement and enjoyment. After completing a puzzle, you will feel energized and fulfilled. They will also become more and more complex, so pay attention to your every move; a minor miscalculation can lead to failure.


While mazes and iron bars appear in every puzzle, the goal of each level is different. Some levels will require you to navigate dangerous environments in search of treasure. Furthermore, certain levels need the hero to be near the princess to progress. Even in the most challenging levels, you have to eliminate the devil. Throughout the game, there will be many different levels, each with its style and, in some cases, will return for players to get used to. You will move on to the next level once you have completed this level, and this level is linked to the previous level intuitively and simply for players of all ages to understand.

Hero Rescue


You will advance to the next milestone every 10-20 levels or every 50 levels. Players can use these milestones to track their overall progress in the game. Each challenge has hundreds of levels, and if you reach certain milestones, you will unlock bonus content and even more rewards. The rewards can be in the form of ancillary items that help with puzzle solving, or they can open the next level. Reaching certain milestones will give you more spirit to complete the game and not create a feeling of boredom and give up after only a few problematic levels.


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