Hunting Simulator v6.94 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlock Level) Download

Predator shooting war officially opens when players set foot in the world of Hunting Simulator Game. You will embark on a journey of walking through various rugged terrains with unique hunting simulators. Now, you can freely visit the shooting range with multiple shooting objects. Along with that is the feature of owning impressive weapons, including guns and bullets of all kinds, to meet the sniper’s needs of players.

Hunting Simulator Game


Appearing in front of the player’s eyes is a massive collection of weapons. First of all, you can use the Shotguns meter with various parameters such as 8/16/12g/12v/ 12semi Auto. Not stopping there, we also give players the best shooting experience with rifles. Not only that, besides guns, you also receive unique bows and crossbows to help you have unforgettable moments when immersed in special bullets.


In addition, Hunting Simulator Game also serves players dedicated to every little detail. In this sniper war, players need to be very careful with the wind direction. It will become a factor that can effectively support you to hit your heart, but sometimes it is also an obstacle to your success. Understanding this, the game has launched a magical ballistic computer to provide information about the change of wind direction. There is nothing better than shooting at such a long distance with the help of this trump card.

Hunting Simulator Game


Not stopping there, Hunting Simulator Game also gives players different choices of bullets. Each type of ammunition will be suitable for certain firing areas. Not only that but they are also adapted to specific targets and also have a significant influence on the type of gun fired. In this battle, the binoculars also become a practical right hand for you when it helps players close the distance and calculate the speed and distance in detail.


Next, players can enjoy the fight with many more game accessories. Among them must be mentioned the costumes that will help you camouflage in the best way to avoid the target’s gaze and be able to aim and hit it successfully. Besides, there is the support of flashlights at night to make the player unobstructed when the sun goes down. Off-road cars and snowmobiles also contributed a lot.

In addition, the Hunting Simulator Game gives you exceptional help beyond your imagination. Those hunting dogs appear with a terrifying appearance and only obey their owners. All the commands you give, it obediently executes within a note. This makes you feel like you are immersed in a professional hunting journey.

Hunting Simulator Game


The audience you are targeting is hugely diverse, bringing many funny moments just for you. Wild animals always become the first target that players want to hunt the most, including the bewildering golden deer grazing or wild foxes and deer. Not only that, from geese, peacocks to pigeons, partridges are not boiled out of your sight. Not stopping there, players can also directly attack the Crocodile, Gazelle.

  • Immerse yourself in the shooting war in a simulated environment of diverse shooting ranges.
  • Use the tunnel calculator to calculate the wind direction to devise an accurate strategy.
  • Binoculars have become a powerful weapon to close your distance from the enemy.
  • Deer, geese to pigeons, partridges are waiting for you to conquer.
  • Move to different terrains thanks to special off-road cars and smart snowmobiles.

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