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It Happened In Calcutta web series was a romantic and a new drama series of the most popular streaming service and ZEE5 ALTBalaji India. Here, watch the official trailer It Happened series in Calcutta.

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ZEE5 and this ALTBalaji It Happened In Calcutta is a saga of love Kusum. The story revolves around a young girl Kusum (Naghma Rizwan).

She is the first woman to gain entry to the Calcutta Medical College. Maybe she was the first female doctor in the city. Kusum wanted to be a doctor to fulfill her dream.

In the Medical College, he met Ronobir Chatterjee (Karan Kundrra), a subsidiary of superior, arrogant and handsome.

It Happened In Calcutta web series scene

Ronobir only loves himself, and he is an enthusiastic doctor at the Medical College and also top of the class at the College.

She is an attention seeker and every time he enjoyed the company of beautiful women. Kusum Ronobir fall in love with at the first meeting.

But there is more to this story than what meets the eye. This series will prompt a sense of loneliness for retro love story of Kusum and Ronobir while also pull at the heartstrings of a person.

The entire set of stories with a background in Calcutta in the 1960s and 70s.

Release Date

It Happened In Calcutta web series announced in 2019 with the introduction of video Naghma Rizwan. But in January, ALTBalaji re-introduce Naghama with the same teaser.

On February 13, ALTBalaji share the official trailer of the series. It Happened In Calcutta is set to premiere on February 29, 2020.


It Happened In Calcutta web series cast

The series features Kundrra Karan as the main role of Ronobir Chatterjee. Naghma Rizwan plays female lead as Kusum. Naghma made its digital debut in this series.

Also, Harman Singha, Pamela Bhutoria, Sunanda Wong and Simran Kaur Mundi is featured in the series.


Series directed by Ken Ghosh and produced by Ekta Kapoor.Also Watch Taj Mahal 1989 Netflix Web series

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