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Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG possesses many challenging levels with turn-based attack mechanics and is set in a chaotic world full of enemies. Players will have for themselves a squad with different characters and use their skills appropriately to win the game screen. At the same time, at different levels, players need to improve their strength by taking care of factors such as skill, level, and talisman.

Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG


In Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG, the player will travel to a world in turmoil and instability with many different enemies. They are distributed in diverse locations that people are forced to go through to destroy completely. At the same time, each person has a certain number of characters to cope with different challenges, and for sure, there will be impressive matches that show your strength.

Players will see two teams of players and opponents standing opposite each other, and the battle will be operated in a turn-based mechanism. This mechanism is not at all difficult for players when they need to choose the right attack to destroy the enemy. At the same time, the goal of the levels is utterly unchanged; they will need to destroy the enemies on the opposite side, and over time, new enemies will constantly appear and try to cause difficulties.

Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG


Characters’ attacks in Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG is made through the player’s choices as they observe the character’s situation and skills. The characters have two primary skills: normal and special attack skills. At the same time, each skill will cause a different attack effect that you will need to pay attention to, and the factor that affects the player’s choice is the energy bar.

The energy bar will be located in the left corner of the screen, and its number will be pretty modest when owning six energy units. Therefore, players will need to be careful while using skills, especially when some skills require a completely high amount of energy in the game. It creates exciting strategies when players consider the order in which the characters’ skills are used. In addition, tactics are always needed when you go through many different locations.

As mentioned above, you will travel through different locations, and corresponding enemies will appear. There are five different worlds, but the number of levels you can find is completely diverse, with more than 100 levels, so players will constantly need to increase their strength with new characters. In addition, the player’s opponents are not only monsters but also players they meet in intense PVP matches.

Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG


One of the points that players often see in strategy games like Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG is recruiting new characters. These characters have different attacks with specific characteristics in terms of skills, talismans, and levels. At the same time, these are also the three factors that affect the character’s strength index and contribute to helping you win the game screen. If you fail, you should change your tactics and increase your character’s strength.

You will need to collect many items called shards that help quickly increase the character’s level for the character’s level. The mechanism of leveling up with items is not a completely unfamiliar mechanism for players when they can push the new character they receive to a high level in a short period. From there, they can add new powers to the squad, develop skills, and learn the talisman effect.

Iron Maiden: Legacy Beast RPG

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the journey through different worlds:

  • Chaos worlds with enemies are always waiting for you, and you and your teammates with powerful skills will win the fierce battle.
  • The world in the game comes with a completely diverse number of levels, and their difficulty will continuously increase over time.
  • Each character in the player’s team will have a different skill characteristic, and they can choose the appropriate skill based on their energy.
  • Many new characters will constantly appear and help you destroy new enemies, change squad tactics, and create an advantage in battle.
  • The characters all have their skills, levels that can be increased rapidly with items and talismans with diverse effects.

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