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Marmoset Toolbag is a professional software for 3D rendering of objects and objects. This program has a material editor that changes its contents, renders changes in the moment and displays the result in front of you. It is widely used for designing and modeling objects needed in other animation and 3D animation software. The app has many features. In the material world, one of the rich applications that you can create by combining different modes of the material you want and be amazed at its rendering results. A variety of techniques are supported for lighting.

You can easily create HDR scenes with special effects in just a few clicks. Shadows are calculated with great accuracy and rendered in a very realistic rendering. Shade production is fully automatic based on where the light sources are located, the intensity of the radiation and other related factors. At each step you can produce high quality screenshot output and save it in the format you want. The program has 13 types of rendering modes, each of which has specific scenarios for which one of the modes can be used as the optimal rendering mode.

Features of Marmoset Toolbag Software:

  • Simple and beautiful graphical interface
  • Simultaneous display of changes and instant rendering of the scene
  • Very realistic rendering and real world physics
  • Gross and intelligent shadowing based on various physical factors
  • High quality screenshot from different parts
  • Comes with 13 powerful rendering modes for different situations
  • Supports different lighting techniques
  • Ability to use different filters and apply movie effects to scenes

System Requirements

Minimum Recommended
OS Version Windows 10 version 22H2 (19044) Windows 11 version 22H2 (22621)
Disk Space 10 GB hard disk space available SSD with 100+ GB of hard disk space available for caching, virtual memory, and Library asset downloads.
GPU DirectX 12 (DX12) compatible GPU NVIDIA RTX 30 or 40 series GPU
AMD Radeon RX series GPU
Video Memory (VRAM) 4 GB 12 GB or more
System Memory (RAM) 6 GB 16 GB or more


Marmoset Toolbag

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