Paulo Coelho appreciate Sanjay Mishra for Kaamyaab

Sanjay Mishra’s film Kaamyaab has got a big fan following as Paulo Coelho. Paulo, the author of the world-famous book The Alchemist, has thanked Shah Rukh Khan for producing this film. He has called it the tragedy of arts rather than comedy.

After thanking Shah Rukh Khan for producing Kaamyaab, acclaimed author Paulo Coelho has now showered praises on Sanjay Mishra.

The writer tweeted, “@imsanjaimishra, congratulations for your great performance in #Kaamyaab. I was moved to tears.”

Sanjay was overwhelmed with the reply, and he wrote, “If my father would have been alive today, he would have felt very happy, reading these words you have written for me, but I told my mother, & my film unit, & my director & screenwriter #HardikMehta all are glad, thank you @paulocoelho take care of ur health , Stay safe.”

Paulo had tweeted a day earlier, “The producers thank you in the very 1st frame, @iamsrk. I am doing the same. 2 days ago a great Brazilian actor , Flavio Migliaccio, committed suicide, leaving a note on how the industry treats their artists. This movie, labeled as “comedy,” is in fact the tragedy of Art,” Coelho wrote in his tweet.

‘Kaamyaab’ is the story of a supporting actor named Sudhir, who has appeared in 499 films and is now looking for an excellent 500th film.

Sanjay Mishra in Kaamyaab

Sanjay Mishra played the role of Sudhir in the film. The film directed by filmmaker Hardik Mehta, who won the National Award.

Kaamyaab was ready for a long time but could not be released, after which Shah Rukh Khan saw the film, and his company joined as Red Chillies presenter and released in the movie theater on 6 March.

The film received excellent reviews. If you have not seen this film, you can watch it on Netflix.

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