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RABB DA RADIO Full Movie is a 2017 Punjabi movie directed by Indian-language Tarnvir Jagpal and Harry Singh Bhatti, and written by Jass Grewal. Starring Tarsem Jassar, Mandy Takhar and Simi Chahal. The film was produced by Manpreet Johal and Vehli Janta movie, distributed by White Hill Productions. This marks the debut of Tarsem Jassar.

Set in Punjab from the 80s and 90s, which rotates the film across family ties, love and faith on God’s unconditional. Rabb Da Radio took back to an era where lovers used to just look at each other and decided that they would become a life partner.

The film was released theatrically on March 31, 2018. A commercial success, Rabb Da Radio obtained ₹ 4.5 crore in its opening weekend and ₹ 16 crore at the end of its theatrical run. Rabb Da Radio won 10 awards in different ceremonies from 49 nominations, including best film (critics) Award, Best Debut Actor, Best Actress (Critics) and many others.

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This story is about a family of two brothers. Although they are real brothers, manipulative wife of the elder son did not like his brother in law and his wife at all, so he built a wall in the home and split into two. Both families started living separately. The brother has two sons and sister has three daughters. Three brothers love their cousins, but the eldest children do not reciprocate their love for their brothers because they fear their mother. When the three sisters went to their home to tie Rakhi to their mother’s two sisters did not allow them and they have to come back crying. The brother got his eldest son married and invitations are not sent properly for younger families. Naseeb, a new daughter-in-law, given the welcome and promised to be treated with proper care, but her manipulative mother in law commands Naseeb to never show his face to his brother in law family and especially for the oldest girl Guddi. Sister eldest daughter is very smart and loving nature, she needs to talk with his brother’s wife, but because she was afraid her aunt she was able to do so. As time passed Naseeb daughter-in-law got to know the dynamics of home and understand that the mother-in-law does not speak to her sister in law because a large ego and arrogance. Naseeb too close to the sister’s daughter Guddi with time. During this phase change a child’s relationship Manjinder rich in love with Guddi. He tried to find a mediator but failed. Then he came to know that one of his Bhua also associated with Naseeb. Both brothers take Bhua to Naseebs their home where she was alone at that time. Meanwhile Guddi well equipped. Then aunt is asking Naseeb Manjinder to mediate marriage, but she refused because of fear of her mother in law. Furthermore, they take the help of Bhua and got her marriage fixed to Guddi. When Naseeb mother in law gets to know about it, he threw Naseeb out of the house and managed to solve this Guddi relationship / marriage too. Mother Naseeb Naseeb come and visit when he said that a daughter going through a difficult time. Naseeb open up to her about how she tried to break her brother-in-law marriage. His mother comforted him. Naseeb and her husband went to the house Manjinder and try to fix the alliance Guddi and Manjinder and succeeded in doing so. Two estranged family at peace, break the wall in their home, and married Guddi and Manjinder, and they live happily ever after.

Songs :

No. Title Lyrics Music Singer(s) Length
1. “Sardara” Tarsem Jassar Deep Jandu Tarsem Jassar 3:12
2. “Rabb Da Radio” Jass Grewal Nick Dhammu Sharry Mann 4:44
3. “Akh Boldi” Tarsem Jassar R Guru Ammy Virk, Mankirat Pannu 3:56
4. “Tere Bajhon” Tarsem Jassar R Guru Tarsem Jassar 3:49
5. “Sadke Sadke” Tarsem Jassar R Guru Kulbir Jhinjer & Mankirat Pannu 3:51
6. “Rehmat” Tarsem Jassar R Guru Tarsem Jassar 2:48
Total length: 22:06


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