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In Random Cards, summon defense cards to build defenses against monsters. Many creatures have appeared in the kingdom of heroes with magical abilities. However, they must hide their power in powerful cards because it is too little known. And now they are the defenders of the world against any intruders. When monsters attack, you can make good use of the card. You and your party can fight monsters with the help of a defense system provided by magic cards. You can build a formidable defense against the onslaught of demons with magic cards.


Magic cards with strange abilities are the only defense against monsters. And in this universe, you must organize defense systems like objects to protect yourself. However, you won’t just fight each type of monster; Opponents will also attack you. These are also the people who recognize the power of the cards and seek to possess them. Therefore, you must prepare and activate the magic cards to fight. Monsters and other enemies in this universe have been identified as your enemies. Accumulate a strong deck to ensure you have the best defense.


Your goal in Monster World is to collect powerful magic cards efficiently. Therefore, you need to get cards with greater power to overcome the wars. Even if you don’t have many strong defensive cards at the start, you can combine them. Using a deck of magic cards can give you a boost in defense. And when competing, you can use all your abilities. Each card has a distinct advantage, but they can all be used to your advantage in battle. Compete with rivals and opponents by combining magic cards.


You are not the only person in the world with a personal deck. Aside from talent, many like to compete by building a collection of rare and powerful trading cards. In addition, you can find allies to build a team and use battle cards together. They will be your most trusted allies when trading powerful cards, and fighting enemies become easier when you join forces with your teammates. Either way, you and your colleagues must work together to find stronger cards. You can win the card game by exchanging spell cards with your companions.


  • 30 challenging campaign levels
  • 6 different enemy types each with their own set of abilities
  • Powerful towers such as cannons, lasers, and missiles to protect your base
  • Unlockable cards and towers with special abilities that provide even greater protection
  • Local or online multiplayer mode to compete against friends or random opponents
  • Intuitive controls and easy-to-learn strategic gameplay, perfect for all ages and skill levels

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