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Reface is a popular mobile app that allows users to create fun and entertaining videos by swapping faces with celebrities, fictional characters, and even friends. The app uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology to generate realistic face-swapping videos that are incredibly popular on social media.
The Reface app was developed by Ukrainian company, NEOCORTEXT, which specializes in machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. The app was launched in January 2020 and quickly became a viral sensation. It has since been downloaded over 100 million times and has been featured on major news outlets, including Forbes, TechCrunch, and The New York Times.
One of the key features of the Reface app is its ease of use. Users simply need to upload a photo of their face, select a video template or a celebrity face, and the app will do the rest. The app uses AI algorithms to analyze the face in the photo and to seamlessly blend it with the selected video. The result is a hilarious and often surprising video that can be shared on social media.
The Reface app offers a wide variety of templates, including popular memes, movie scenes, music videos, and more. Users can also upload their own videos and swap faces with their friends or family members. The app’s AI technology is able to accurately track facial expressions and movements, which makes the face-swapping videos look incredibly realistic.
Another interesting feature of the Reface app is its “Swap Reality” feature. This allows users to swap faces with inanimate objects or animals, such as a statue or a cat. The app’s AI algorithms are able to generate a video that blends the user’s face seamlessly with the chosen object, which can be incredibly entertaining.
The Reface app has faced some controversy over privacy concerns. The app collects user data, including facial biometrics, which has raised concerns about the potential misuse of this data. However, the app’s developers have stated that they take user privacy seriously and have implemented strict security measures to protect user data.
In conclusion, the Reface app is a fun and entertaining way to create hilarious face-swapping videos that can be shared on social media. Its advanced AI technology makes it incredibly easy to use, and its wide variety of templates ensures that users never run out of ideas. While there are some concerns about user privacy, the app’s developers have taken steps to address these concerns and to ensure that user data is kept secure. Overall, the Reface app is a great example of how AI technology can be used to create fun and engaging apps that have become a viral sensation.

Face swapping is becoming one of the hotly discussed topics on social forums lately. Are you curious about this topic and want to try it out now? So, what are you waiting for? Try it now with Reface, one of the most popular face-to-face conversion applications through photos and videos today. With many outstanding features and regularly updated, you will not be disappointed.

Reface  MOD APK Download Free (Pro Unlocked)


Before diving into the main content of the application, users need to have a clear understanding of face conversion technology. This is a very new technology in which users can exchange all faces with friends, family members, and people around them. The face swap not only gives you a unique and magical experience, but you also have the opportunity to exchange with your dream idols or cute animals freely.

Reface can both graft faces from videos or images in your gallery; the application will directly connect and access all the photos you want to change looks. In addition, it also provides countless famous videos from all over the world, such as hit music videos, fashion shows, or even many exciting movies. It will suggest all on the on-screen interface, and they are changed and updated for users to choose freely.


With a distinctive but straightforward interface that is equally outstanding, users can create works of art from swapping faces quickly and without taking too much time. The user’s job only needs to take and record video; the application will automatically take care of all the rest for you. Thanks to this, the application is suitable for professional video editors and beginners in the field.

Not only that, but users can also create images in the form of GIFs and videos to start swapping faces. With elementary operations, players need to press a face photo and upload it to the application. The next thing, users, choose a video or GIF that they love and feel is appropriate; the application will automatically help you successfully match the face in the accumulated time. Finally, enjoy the results you make.


In particular, users do not have to worry about the problem that their face does not need to match the picture they want to graft because the application can completely balance and edit every detail on your face and the results. With color, effects to produce the most complete and realistic work. Thanks to this feature, make your dream of becoming a celebrity come true, and you can hardly distinguish what is real and what is fake with this innovative al feature.


After completing the work you like, you can completely download it to your computer at any time. Depending on the length and quality you want for your animated GIFs and videos, the download time can be fast or slow. This problem is also done with just a few simple steps; first, click the download button, the screen interface will show two types of formats, including video and GIF; users need to click on the secondary structure. Well suited.


Reface also connects directly to popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. After creating unique clips, you can post them on these social networks to show off your achievements and mainly introduce your friends and people around you to experience the same. To do this, you need to click Share results and select one website you want to share or choose multiple websites to share at the same time.


With the supply of thousands of videos and vibrant GIF images, users can choose any character they want to pursue, such as world-famous stars, Marvel superheroes, or other famous actors and models in the world. Besides, to make it easier for users in the search process, Reface also categorizes various fields from entertainment, music, sports to many action movies, horror, and more.

Reface can be considered one of the effective arms for professional photo editors or even beginners who love creating funny and entertaining videos. Thanks to the perfect combination of many highly outstanding features, it promises to bring you a great experience.

Reface v3.32.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Download

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