SD Movies Point: Free Movie Downloading Website

In India, not many people want to watch movies in the theatre. But why? You know about the main reason very well. You’re thinking right, Price of movies tickets.

People are not willing to pay more and less for any movie ticket. Because if film tickets cost more and you don’t like the film, then you feel bad.

So, what can we do to watch movies at home? The best and accessible way – download movies and TV series from the pirated site.

Note: We do not support any pirated site of any kind. I believe that be it movies or TV series; you should watch all the things at its original source. If there are movies, then you should watch them in the theatre, and you should watch the TV series on the streaming site itself.

What is SD Movies Point?

In a pirated site, the problem is that when it becomes widespread, the government stops it. But even then, those sites remain popular among the general public because they start their website from some other domain.

SD Movies Points also receives millions of organic traffic despite restrictions.

Although the main website has been banned, SD Movies Point operates from a proxy domain (, and there is a full possibility that it will be removed soon by the Government of India.

What kind of content is available on SD Movies Point?

As I mentioned above, in this site, you will find much content to download. Apart from movies, web series are also available on this site which you can easily watch.

You can get movies and series of any of the genres from this pirated site and that too in good quality.

Here’s the list of categories of SD Movies Points contents.

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Dubbed Movies
  • Web Series
  • Dubbed Web Series
  • Pakistani Movies

How eternal is SD Movies Point updated?

SD Movies Point is a very active site and is available soon after the release of all new movies and series. So it is updated regularly.

If you want regular updates of this site, then you can connect to the Telegram page of this site so that the entrants of the site itself can update it.

Are dubbed movies streaming at SD Movies Point?

Yes, there is SD Movies Point has a separate menu for Hollywood movies and web series dubbed in Hindi.

But let me tell you, you will not find any Tamil or Telugu dubbed movies.

Can I get subtitles in SD Movies Point?

Sorry, you will not find subtitles on this site. SD Movies Point uploads a dubbed version of almost every Hollywood movie so that you can ignore the need for subtitles. Therefore, you will not get the option to download subtitles here.

What print quality can I get at SD Movies Point?

Here you can find the best quality movies and web series. On this site, you can get three types of quality for download. You can watch these videos easily on VLC and MX Player. Like,

SD Movies Point movie download

Do I need to sign up at SD Movies Point to download a movie?

You do not need to sign up on the website to download movies from this site like other pirated sites. But let me tell you that downloading a movie on this website is very difficult because after clicking on the download link, it gets redirected to 2 or 3 other pages.

How to browse SD Movies Point on Desktop or Mobile?

It will not be easily browsed as SD movies point domains being pirated websites are repeatedly blocked by the government for their illegal activities. You must be connected to a VPN or Proxy network to access it.

How can I download movies from SD Movies Point for free?

SD Movies Point provides for downloading the latest Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies and web series. But the problem of pirated websites is random pop-up advertising.

There is a bit of a mess in the downloading process in pirate websites, because every time we click on a link, pop-up ads are opened.

Here I show each of the steps so that you can easily download anything.

  1. First, connect your device to a VPN server.
  2. Then copy-paste the website URL.
  3. The SD Movies Point home page will open.
  4. There is a menu and a search bar to watch movies and shows.
  5. Click on your favourite movie that you want to download, after clicking; the movie page will open, later some pop-up ads will come up.
  6. On the server page holding the file, click on Download Redirect.
  7. On the server page, an option will appear that says “Generate Link”, clicking on it creates the final download link for the movie.
SD Movies Point home page

Will it be safe to use SD Movies Point?

The site that is publishing you pirated content is never safe for you. You can never be sure what is downloaded after clicking the download link and other links.

Most dangerously, such sites are always on the target of hackers. That is why you will be very cautious when using SD Movies Point.

What are the other options besides SD Movies Point?

Here are some alternative sites that perform the same action as SD Movies Point:

Disclaimer: I do not request any kind of pirate site for you. You should stay away from such websites. We do not promote the site shown above. The site shown above is for your information only.

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