Second Base v23.2.0b APK (Full Game) Download

Love & Sex: Second Base is a game that can give you extraordinary emotions that few other games can do. If you are looking for a game that requires an interesting storyline along with the most memorable parts, this is definitely an option not to be missed. Coming to this game, you will have the ability to meet a lot of different characters and perform a lot of exciting challenges.


The plot will definitely be a significant feature with games developed in this style. If the game owns an attractive storyline, it will give me the ability to attract more players to experience my game. Because of this, the makers of the game have also equipped their products with a unique story for you to follow and implement.

The game will be an excellent simulation of the noteworthy dates of couples who get together on special occasions. A guy or a girl will be able to date another hot character and many other characters you can meet in it. Come to this fascinating dating story so you can create a great story for your character, whether male or female.


And to be able to describe what appears in your game, the characters will be the tools that can do this in the best way. Each different character will each have in their life a separate story that the player needs to understand in order to improve that story. This will also be the most basic thing inside Love & Sex: Second Base because you will be able to choose for yourself the characters in the experience.

To be able to diversify the player’s play, the game has also equipped you with a diverse system of characters that will appear. The basic version of the game that you can meet include Bree, Sasha, Samantha, Emma, ​​Minami. But if you choose the game experience for the extra upgrade for yourself, the game will also give you 15 more characters, including Aletta, Audrey, Shiori, Lavish, etc…


For players to be able to understand the game as well as the character they control inside Love & Sex: Second Base, the story will have to play an important role. For the male character, you will be able to Mike – a person whose identity is a young man in a large company. But unfortunately, he has trouble stories about the love affairs that he has to go through in his life.

Besides, players who come to this game can also completely choose for their part a female character. And the character Bree will be the right character to own a story, especially when he is a freshman, penniless, and looking for a job. Basically, you will be the one to decide which direction the story of the characters inside this game will be able to go.


The graphics are one of the last features that any game needs to develop to improve the player experience. For games that develop their own graphics and attract attention to players, the success rate of Love & Sex: Second Base is very high. Understanding the visual needs of the game, the developer has also equipped its players with a very good graphic quality.

With carefully taken care of the game’s graphics, the game promises to bring players the best visual experience. All the images inside the game, from the appearance of all the characters or the context of the game, are also carefully designed. Players will feel the unique, beautiful, and realistic cartoon graphic style with a unique image creation team.


  • The game is developed in a dating style that will bring exciting things to players.
  • An overall storyline has also been designed in the most suitable way that dating games can bring.
  • The system has a lot of characters that you will be able to meet and have special dates inside your game.
  • The ability to choose male or female protagonists will give players special life stories.
  • The game’s graphics are designed to be extremely detailed sharp and bring a very high level of truth inside the image shown.

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