Download SignalLab SIGVIEW v6.2.3 x64

Download SignalLab SIGVIEW v6.2.3 x64

Download SIGVIEW software

Sigview software It is simple but at the same time powerful for analyzing signals in real-time. In fact, this software is able to analyze statistical data or audio data or radio signal. Also, with the help of powerful tools in the field of FFT in this software, you can use it to analyze frequencies. With its high capabilities, SIGVIEW is able to convert your computer’s sound card into a data vector signal device. Also, you will not need any special programming knowledge to work with it. Vibration analysis, audio analysis, radio and telecommunication signal analysis, noise detection and its analysis and removal, ECG medical data analysis, etc. are part of the capabilities and applications of this powerful software.

Key features software SIGVIEW:
– Support for a wide range of data recording devices, from ordinary sound cards to professional DAQ devices
– Contains various options to launch, delete and record files
– Display data and control and analyze signals in real time
– Open and extract signal files in different formats: WAV, MP3, ASCII, WMA, AU, AIFF, SND, 8/16/32-bit binary files, EDF and…
– FFT optimization algorithm by setting appropriate parameters and various options for pre- and post-processing
– Time-FFT and spectral functions with display methods Graphics powerful
– The possibility of filtering the signal based on different criteria (Bandstop, Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass)
– immediate and instantaneous mathematical calculations on signals (subtraction, multiplication, addition, scaling, normalization…)
– Includes various statistical functions
– Ability to create custom tools and workspaces for reuse or modification by other users
– Analysis of dozens of signals simultaneously

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