Stellar Wind Idle v0.11.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Alloy, Ancient Orbs) Download

If you have always dreamed of owning a battleship of your own, Stellar Wind Idle is your only chance to make that dream come true. We are the galactic world beyond the vast universe for those of you who do not know. This game welcomes you with the appearance of strange phenomena that require you to conquer them before it is too late. Now you can execute each attack, each strategy for shipbuilding, or even smart module search.

Stellar Wind Idle


First of all, upon arriving in this world, you can choose one of a kind spaceship. It will be joined to your army unlimitedly. At the same time, this is also a trump card that helps your strength improve; the movement process is much faster and safer. Around you is the appearance of hundreds of different unique battleships. Not stopping there, they also have different strengths and weaknesses, so you should really consider them before making a decision.

Stellar Wind Idle


Not stopping there, you can also upgrade the certificate through many methods by all means. Specifically, players are allowed to observe and control the entire smartest shipbuilding process. In addition, you can also perform a search for the most optimal modular systems to help overcome the ship’s weaknesses. What’s more, you can customize it in many different ways. Thanks to that, you will never meet a second ship like that.

Stellar Wind Idle


This is the world of spaceships surrounding each other or, in other words, the place where unlimited wars take place between them. Never before have you been able to enjoy such great experiences without coming to this game. In addition, we also give you more battles automatically or in a certain way when you are not here. Never before have you been able to conquer such exciting experiences as now.

Stellar Wind Idle


  • Challenge warriors on a one-of-a-kind spaceship system with unique stories.
  • Discover the different strengths and weaknesses of the unique spaceships on this journey.
  • Never before have you had the ability to customize the modules of the aces in the galaxy?
  • In particular, you are faced with a map system that includes many ever-expanding campaigns.
  • Constantly frantic to prevent the emergence of a new galaxy is emerging through going to other worlds to conquer.
App Name Stellar Wind Idle
 Publisher Entropy Games Studio
 Genre Strategy
 Size 177M
 Latest Version 0.11.2
 MOD Info Unlimited Alloy, Ancient Orbs
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