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The series has been waiting for nearly 1 year. Since Stranger Things was announced, fans of the series were waiting for it. Everyone was waiting for what happened in this season. And seeing the trailer was getting even more excited. Now that the series has arrived, all want to know what happened in season 3. Here you will read the stranger things season 3 review.

stranger things season 3 review

And let me tell you this is a review with a spoiler so if you have not seen the series yet, please see. There is a total of 8 episodes in the series, which is going to be very fun for you. One after another episode increases your excitement. Something like this is that you get excited.

Let me tell you the main thing that I am not saying the whole story, but only a few of you know what will happen in the series.

Here read Stranger things season 3 review.

The first episode starts with a lab where any experiments are on. All the people are talking in the Russian language. But here there is a problem and the experimental spreads. From where the main story of the series begins. Summer is going on and all the Hawkins have come to the mall to smoke, which is already open a few days ago. Mike, Will, Max, EL, and Lucas also watch movies in the mall.

scene of season 3

Dustin has gone out of the past one month; he is back now but no one can answer her talk. Dustin thinks that all have forgotten him. But no one has forgotten that all his friends have come on his way to surprise Dustin. Gradually the story of Season 3 increases. Will is going to be something again. He starts dreaming of the creature.

Billy opened the swimming pool in Hawkins. Everybody in the swimming pool comes in the swimming pool and most of the girls come to see Billy. But the biggest surprise is that Dustin has got a girlfriend whose name is Suzie. Dustin communicates with the radio frequency with it. Something happens with the billy that he takes everyone near the creature of the catch. These events are happening because of a program of Russian people.

EL and her friends
hopper in season 3

But how did the Russians approach their Hawkins in America with their own base? What were these people doing in Hawkins? Will the new creature come from? Answer to all the questions you will know after watching the whole series.

The best moment of the whole series was for
me when Dustin used to contract her girlfriends and sing together the never-ending
story song. It takes 1 or 1:30 minutes
in which I can say with the claim that you will enjoy.

Season 3’s plus point is his cast. Everyone has done a good job and the other is Story. Because of the strong story, this series has become so popular today. The way the director shows the whole story is also a plus point of the series.

duffer brothers are fame for their direction, and they have once again proved why people like Stranger Things.

EL and Max in season 3

But knowing the story of season 3 will be very difficult. Third season’s story starts a bit slow. Anything you will think about is happening to all this. Many scenes will not fit according to the series.

All the episodes list in Stranger things season 3

1st episode: Suzie, Do You Copy?

2nd episode:
The Mall rate

3re episode: The case of
missing Lifeguard

4th episode:
The Sauna Test

5th episode:
The Flayed

6th episode: E
Pluribus Unam

7th episode:
The Bite

8th episode: The battle of Stracourl

you can watch all the episodes of the stranger things season 3 here: how to download and watch stranger things season 3.

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